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Let’s face it, building a business as a mom comes with real challenges.

You aren’t just a business owner.

You’re a short order cook.

A housekeeper.

An art teacher.

And a wrestling referee.

You may have heard that to make your business really successful, you have to act like you don’t have kids.

This is BS

I built a million dollar business in 4 years, with 3 kids. With a pandemic. With laundry. With dishes. With ballet lessons, soccer practice, and countless birthday parties. And I’ve helped many clients do the same:

Emily, a graphic designer, leveraged maternity leave to become fully booked in her business and hit her first six figure year.

Susie went from $500 months to $5000 months after two months in my program.

Stephanie went from 0 clients to a practice that fully booked and ready to scale.

Kristen made $20k her first month working with me.

Aleksa made $50k in our first quarter working together, after only making $15k in the 9 months prior.

Christi almost doubled her graphic design business from one year to the next.

Elizabeth went from 0 to a $15k month in her brand new life coaching business.

Making money as a mom isn’t an exception in my world – it’s the rule.

Fact: people can’t hire you if they don’t know you exist.

The most important thing you can do in your business is make sure that people know you exist – and you do this through increasing your visibility.

Find out how with my free guide: 61 Ways to Get More Visible to Your Ideal Clients.


What you get with


An Experienced Coach

Samantha has a master’s degree in counseling, a background in psychology & marketing, and has 6+ years of experience coaching and mentoring women on business, marketing, confidence + motivation.

If you’re in the market for a straightforward, no-fluff coach who gets the challenges you face, you’ve found your home.

No Bullshit Mindset

Business and personal development go hand in hand.

If you’re struggling with sales, motivation, time management, or self doubt – the answer includes mindset. Samantha uses a tool based in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy that is going to help you remove whatever stands between you and hitting your goals.

Personal Strategy

In order to succeed in your business, you absolutely need a sales and marketing strategy. Stressing about trying to do it all: social media, content creation, PR?

Samantha believes in crafting your marketing plan based on your strengths and target audience – not a one-size-fits-all formula – and teaches you how.


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