Are you ready to nail consistent $5k months in your business?

This happens when you’ve built your business on a solid foundation of:

effective marketing (aka your ideal clients know you)

better than average sales skills (aka getting to yes more often)

and become the CEO of your business (aka making the right decisions)

When you master these three steps, you are making $5k months consistently and predictably — and you’re ready to scale to six figures and beyond. 

Every problem you currently have in your business falls into one of these three steps — in this program we will solve all of them.

I am the business coach for moms.

I have a Master’s degree in counseling and a Bachelor’s in psychology & marketing. I teach you how to use your brain as your best asset in business, get out of your own way to attract your perfect clients, and achieve every goal you set – when you say you’re going to achieve it. All while being the mom you want to be.

I will show you how to master $5k months – consistently – and create the foundation for the business you want for years to come.



So many moms are telling me…


They’re afraid hitting their revenue goals consistently means working way more

They aren’t sure what to do to make more money and sign more clients

They struggle to build an audience and even know what to say when they post

They are afraid to set goals because they haven’t always hit them in the past

And they’re ready to finally take their business seriously, but aren’t quite sure what their next step is


What we do together in 3 simple steps:

Marketing Plan

  • You will know exactly what to say to get your ideal clients shouting “you’re in my head!” and coming to your consult calls already a yes
  • You will know exactly where to focus your time and energy to get the best results
  • You will know how to consistently build your audience and nurture them – and stop saying “I just need to be more consistent”
  • You will do the above with no overwhelm 

Better Than Average Sales

  • You will know how to sell your services to your ideal clients in a way that feels really good to both of you – no more ick!
  • You will know how to convert your sales conversations at a higher rate – so you can make more doing less
  • You will know how to pre-sell your ideal clients before they’re even on the call with you
  • You will know how to retain the clients you do have – so you can spend less time prospecting

Become the CEO

  • You will know exactly where your business is going, and how to predict the growth
  • You will feel confident that the decisions you make for your business are the right ones
  • You will have systems and plans for every area of your business so you always know your next move 
  • You will know exactly how to set a goal and achieve it, in the time frame you decide

What you get when you join $5k Foundation:

Weekly Group Coaching for Six Months

Each week, you will join me and the other students on a live Zoom call. I will bring concepts, tools, and techniques to support your growth and business goals. The second part of the call will be focused on the questions and situations you bring to the table – I will coach on what you bring. Every single week, you will walk away with ahas, breakthroughs, and actionable steps to implement over the next week.


A Private Facebook Group for Coaching and Community

In between coaching calls, things will come up – you will have questions and want coaching. Within the private community, you will be able to share your wins, struggles, and questions for celebration and coaching from me, and support from your peers in the program. 


Personalized Strategy and Mentorship

You are unique – and the way you build your business will be unique as well. While the principles that I will teach you in this program are one-size-fits-all, the details, strategy, and implementation of those can vary from person to person, and business to business. My mentorship and guidance will be tailored to you.

Are you in?

The next class starts April 1, 2020. The investment is $5,000 or a payment plan of six monthly payments of $1,000.

Ready? Your next step is to fill out the application at the link below.

Once you submit your application, I will review it and my team will contact you. If I believe that you are a great fit for this program, we will set up a time to talk and get to know each other better. On that call, we will make the decision to move forward or not.



Working with Samantha has been a GAME CHANGER for my business. 

I started January 2019 with no clear offer, no clear game plan, and less than $1500 a month in revenue. I ended 2019 at $118k.

If I’m honest with myself, it took me a good 3-4 months to REALLY understand how to leverage my relationships with Samantha and the amazing insight she has into how our brains hold us back. Once I figured it out – things happened quickly! Samantha is straightforward, direct, and loving in her approach to coaching. She keeps an open mind and helps you stay in your lane. 

In addition to working 1:1 with Samantha for 2019, I attended her October 2019 Business Retreat. That weekend took my business from $9500 months to $30k months. The time spent digging into the details, creating big picture plans, and really understanding the mindset that goes to running a multi-six figure business was incredible. 

Anyone looking to uplevel, scale our business, and truly understand how your BRAIN is the most important part of your business should 100% considering working with Samantha.

– Ryann

When I started working with Samantha I was at a crossroad in my business. I knew I wanted to scale, but wasn’t sure the best way. I interviewed several coaches before I chatted with Samantha, but as soon as we had our initial call, I knew she was the right choice for me. Samantha helped me navigate through all my decisions by giving me honest, constructive feedback and would hold me accountable each week. In just 2 months I was generating 5 figures a month, and am already considering hiring someone. I gained the exact clarity that I needed, and I’m so, SO thankful for Samantha’s coaching and guidance!

-Emily, at the end of 3 months told me she was making more than ever before, while working less than ever before

“Before working with Samantha, I was frozen by indecision. I knew that the current path I was taking in my business was not how I wanted to grow, but I didn’t know how to move forward in a way that was sustainable and that brought me joy! I received so much value from her on our consult call, that I knew I needed to work with her. I really felt like she had the tools I needed to figure out the best way for my business to move forward and grow. She’s given me so many practical tips, but above all, she’s shown me how to trust my inner committee and realize that I already know the answers when it comes to growing my business. I couldn’t be more thankful for all she’s done for me and my business! In the first 6 months of working with her, I saw a 300% return on my investment. I can’t wait to see how the next 6 months go! I feel more confident, secure, and excited about the future of my business!”

-Katelyn, went from ~$2k months to consistent $5k months

“I initially signed up for coaching thinking that it would be mostly about what I was doing in my business – email list building, marketing, new products and services, etc. While that’s certainly a part of it, Samantha has made me realize that the main obstacle to growing my business is my thoughts and mind drama. Before working with Samantha, I didn’t realize how much my own thoughts about my business were holding me back.”

– Anne, started 2018 making about $1,000 a month, and started 2019 making $13,000 a month. Spoiler alert: she’s ending 2019 at over $25,000 a month.. consistently.

“Samantha Siffring will blow your business out of the water. She kicks butt! I hired her 3 weeks ago and she’s already paid for herself (all 6 months!). I signed 4 new clients in less than a week!!!”

– Ann

I started working with Samantha right before I finally decided to just go for it and quit my job in Sept. In Oct, I made $200 and I was so excited to just prove to myself that someone would pay me for my marketing expertise. But I was determined to grow quickly in my confidence and my ability to find clients and figure out how to actually make money in my business. Working with Samantha was so huge for the mindset shifts that I needed to make to accomplish this. And with her guidance and support and a lot of hard work to shift how I viewed myself and my business, I actually replaced my income in Nov, making $2,400 and getting sales agreements of over $4,000! I knew this was possible, but in order to get from how I was living my life to tapping my potential, I’m so grateful to Samantha for helping me go through the process and make the jump so quickly. I know without her it would have taken so much longer to think the way I needed to think in order to do what I needed to do to get those results. If you’re ready to do the work, but want to make sure you stay on course and have the support to fight the most important battle – which is in your mind – I would tell you to do whatever it takes to work with a coach like Samantha. She’s the second coach I’ve worked with, but the first who had a strong emphasis on mindset and I’m so grateful that I found her.

– Alicia, hit her first $6000 month right after submitting this review

Signed another client! What you teach works! I’m so happy we connected. I wouldn’t have done this without you (or it would have taken me 5 years!)

– Jackie

I can certainly say that there is a “Pre-Samantha” and a “Post-Samantha” point in my business. Hiring her was the best thing I could have done.

– Andrea

If I’m being honest, I’ve been in a really dark place in these last few months. This week was the first time in a very long time that I felt inspired and excited about my business!

– Amy

“Samantha…totally gets me and has provided me with a ton of great ways to help me get clear on what it is I want. And, it helps to have someone keep me accountable and know that someone is always rooting for me.

– Laura

Working with Samantha as my coach has been an incredible experience. Samantha is endlessly patient, and she finds a way to end every single session on a positive note. Even on my very worst days, I leave my sessions with her feeling relieved and hopeful and armed with a plan for how to tackle whatever obstacle I am facing. I am so grateful for Samantha’s guidance and all the ways she has changed my life!

– Maria

“Samantha really hears me and just gets me. She’s wildly encouraging but doesn’t tip toe when I need an intervention or guidance.

– Carin

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