Ready to take your business from 5 to 6 figures?

So you’ve gotten your business off the ground…


You’ve signed clients, have sort of figured out what works with your marketing…

…but you’re worried: 1) you can’t grow it, 2) you might never sign another client, ever again. 

  • Was it a fluke?
  • Can you really do this?
  • Is this going to grow enough to really work?
  • Yeah, you signed those clients but…. They were people already in your network, who already knew you, referrals. Can you really get this to work?

Friend, I’ve got you. 

I have worked with hundreds of women who own online small businesses, and I’ve dialed in the systems and processes it takes to grow your business. 

And I can help you too.

Here’s what it takes to go from made-some-money-but-maybe-it’s-a-fluke to a solid, consistent business:

You need mindset.

At your phase of business, there are feasts and famines. Moments when clients are coming out of the woodwork and you feel like you finally figured it out – then moments where you wonder if anyone will ever reach out to work with you ever again. 

You doubt your ability to reach goals. Your confidence takes a hit. Being consistent gets a lot harder because it’s only easy to show up when you are feeling like it’s working. And when it’s not working… It feels pointless. 

Getting coaching for your mindset and being in a community of other business owners just like you is what helps you to adjust to the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and build your emotional resilience. This allows you to more consistently show up with confidence. (and it turns out that clients are really attracted to that!)

You need marketing.

If people don’t know about you and how you can help them, they will not hire you. Fact. Marketing is how we make sure that they know who you are and what you can do for them which helps them connect the dots between what they already want and what you offer. 

To consistently bring in clients, you need to build up all parts of the client pipeline: from how people are finding out that you exist, to how you are nurturing and building a relationship with them, to how and when you make the invitation for them to take the next step to work with you.

In this group, you get support in all of it: getting more visible, creating content and copy (from emails to social media to sales pages) that speak directly to your ideal client, and making inviting offers that help them know that what you offer is the thing they’re looking for.

You need a system to set goals and a plan to reach them (that actually works).

True story: most people don’t hit their goals the first time. It doesn’t mean you never will, or that you aren’t enough, or that you aren’t cut out for this. It just means that you’re a regular business owner, and it’s time to learn and strategize for your next attempt.

You want to grow your revenue? It’s time to get strategic. In this group, I guide you through a process I call the Innovation Cycle – to make goals, create a strategic plan to achieve them, and then follow up with evaluation to learn and make the next month’s plan even better. We repeat this cycle each month, giving you the support and accountability you need to really build momentum.

This includes having the right offer to achieve your goals and serve your clients, having a marketing strategy that works for your current audience size (even if it’s small), and planting the seeds for future clients with a long term marketing strategy.

I created 5 to 6 to give you these things, and the accountability and support to apply and follow through on them… in a group that meets you where you are right now.

What You Get...

A half day, live, virtual kick off event with Samantha. Here you will learn the core process of the program that you will be applying for the next 6 months. (Note: this event will be recorded and shared for re-watching or if you need to miss it live for any reason.)

This event will take place virtually, on Monday, April 3, 2023. 

A mix of hot seat strategy and mindset coaching, led by Samantha.

Hot seat copy evaluation and feedback by Samantha. Submit your materials (sales page, email, etc) in advance, and Samantha will select the examples that the entire group can learn the most from.

Entrepreneurship is lonely. This group is your support network and community for building friendships with others who are right where you are: both in the Facebook group and our monthly coworking calls. 

What you need to know

This is a 6 month group coaching program.

When: April 1 – September 30, 2023

Investment: $5000

Hey, I'm Samantha...

I help women owned small businesses get started, grow, and scale.

In the past 4 years, my clients have made six figures with their businesses in all kinds of industries like graphic design, professional consulting, web development, virtual assisting, online business management, and all kinds of coaching. 

Why six figures? For many of them, this is the number that allows them to support themselves and their families financially with their businesses… making their business their career.

I created this strategy and mindset based program to help women like you do it too.

You've got questions.. I've got answers.

This group is for online, service based business owners. (Examples: Copywriter, Ad specialist, Coach, Consultant, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Bookkeeper, Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, Social Media Manager, etc) Sorry, no MLM, product businesses, or brick and mortar. 

This group is intended for business owners making 5 figures in annual revenue. (Minimum Revenue: $10k in the past 12 months)

Yes. Our payment plans:

One payment of $5000

Five payments of $1000

The first payment must be made by April 1, 2023.

This is a six month group coaching program, that begins April 1 and ends September 30. 

The virtual kick off event will take place April 3, 2023, from 11 am to 4 pm Eastern (we will break for lunch at 1 pm).

The group coaching calls and workshops will take place on Tuesdays at 12 pm Eastern. 

The virtual kick off event and all calls/workshops will be recorded and recordings will be provided to participants.

Bring it on! 

If we are currently in an enrollment period, apply to join – and include your question in your application – I’ll answer via email OR you and I can hop on a quick discovery call and chat about it.