The About Page

Where I talk about myself an uncomfortable amount so you can figure out if you vibe with me.

The origin story

Long before podcasts were a thing, I was listening to cassette tapes about marketing, sales, and the psychology of business in the car on the way to elementary school. 

I created fake marketing materials in Microsoft Publisher in middle school. Asked for a web design book for Christmas as a 10 year old. Sent a beanie baby around the world to people I met on beanie forums at age 12.

Some professional highlights:

  • BS in psychology and marketing, MA in marriage and family therapy
  • Helped open up a franchise business in the UK while studying abroad (don’t worry, I had a work visa)
  • Transformed a struggling program at a non-profit, increasing earnings by 10x
  • Featured in the “30 under 30” article of my sorority’s magazine (2016)
  • Top 1% podcast
  • “2 Comma Club” award winner from my coaching school 
  • Managed a 7 million dollar budget as treasurer on a school board

I discovered coaching in 2015 while driving down the highway listening to a podcast. I was a stay at home mom doing random online gigs, trying to figure out the common thread that linked all my interests and skills. The person being interviewed on this podcast was a life coach – and when she described her work, I knew immediately that this was the thing.

I pulled over dramatically, emailed her, and that week, she hired me to be a coach on her team.

In 2017, I launched my own coaching business, and I built it to a million dollars in annual revenue with 3 kids under 10, and my youngest still at home. I’ve been able to give my husband space to figure out his career path, hire my sister to work with me, and given myself a career that challenges and fulfills me.

I learned through my experience that business works best when you keep things simple, and since then, I’ve helped hundreds of other women grow their businesses too.

Here's the deal: Business is about relationships.

While marketing and sales can feel really hard – especially for women business owners – I know the truth. Women do relationships best. 

And this means women have the capacity to do marketing and sales better than anyone else.

Building a successful business isn’t about manipulation and convincing people to give you their money in exchange for junk. 

It’s about identifying wants and needs – and providing solutions for those. And then, telling people about it.

Here's what happens when clients work with me:

This is the power of a simple plan and clear marketing.

Off the clock with Samantha

Having fun is one of my core values (probably part of why I wanted to take pics in this bathtub even though it’s not on brand)

Also on the values list: honesty. I was born without a filter and while I’ve tried to grow one, sometimes it just doesn’t work. I have two modes: quiet or truth telling. 

If you’re into personality test type stuff, here’s all the things: 7w8, adult diagnosed ADHD, Emotional Projector, Gemini sun and rising/Leo moon, elder millennial, cat and dog person. Top 5 Strengths: Strategic, Achiever, Individualization, Arranger, Competition.

Family: I met my husband, Stuart, while we were studying abroad in Brighton, England, in college. We got married super young and have 3 awesome kids.

Hobbies: volunteering, reading romance novels (shout out to the KU girlies), traveling with my family, antiquing/thrifting, watching TV, and cheering for the Denver Nuggets

Now, let's talk about working together.