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Get back to your zone of genius

When you start a coaching business, you fill every role in the business from CEO to janitor. 

As the business grows, the list of tasks grows too – and you reach your max point. You are either capped out at this revenue and workload, or something has to change. 

Our digital marketing team supports coaches with thriving businesses, who are ready to get out of the operational weeds, offload the necessary tasks that drain them, and get back to their zone of genius: being the visionary and creative CEO and coach. 

You: the visionary CEO and coach
Us: your support team executing behind the scenes

When we first meet with you, we will talk through your current business goals, strategies, and operations (whether you’ve got it all organized and systematized..or you feel embarrassed to let someone see behind the curtain – there is no judgement). Then we present you with a support package that’s fully customized to your business and what will free you up to focus your time and energy on what you’re really good at.

Our digital marketing team provides both marketing services (such as social media management and content repurposing) and operations services (such as client onboarding, website maintenance, list management, and more).

Typically, as a 6-7 figure business owner, bringing on team members means putting on the manager hat – but because we are a full team, we handle the team training and management for you.

We take care of filling gaps for team vacations, maternity leaves, and moving on to other opportunities – so you don’t have to worry about going through the lengthy process of finding and training someone new.

We are here to execute your vision and plan, taking everything off your plate that isn’t your zone of genius.

Our Process:

Step 1


If you want to explore if working with us is the right fit for you, step one is filling out an application to share more information with us about your business. 

Discovery Call

We’ll meet to discuss your business more in depth. We will ask questions about your business and what you are looking for help with to get a clear picture of how we can help. We will also answer any questions you have.

Step 2

Step 3


If the discovery call goes well (meaning: we think we can help you, and you would like us to prepare a proposal), we will create a custom proposal outlining how we can help you and what the investment will be.


If you accept the proposal, we will move forward to work together! We will send you an agreement and invoice, and schedule a kick off call to begin work together. 

Step 4

Let’s talk..

You are a good fit to work with us if:

  • Your coaching business’s annual revenue is between $200k and $1M per year
  • You already have a marketing plan
  • You are comfortable in the CEO role: creating the vision and making decisions

You are probably not a good fit to work with us if:

  • Your business revenue is under $100k
  • You are unsure of what marketing strategies work for you to get clients
  • You are hoping we will make decisions for you, tell you what to do, or coach you (p.s. if this is you – please get a coach!)
  • Micro-management is your style
  • You are an MIA CEO – we need to be able to communicate with you, especially when we are getting started

To explore if working with us is right for your business, click the button below to apply.

NOTE: Our client roster is currently full. 

What we offer:

We create custom packages for our clients, starting at $1200/month. Below is a wide overview of the types of services we offer.

Virtual Assistance

Sample services: customer service/inbox management, program management (we have experience with platforms like Kartra and Ontraport), community management, client onboarding and offboarding (payments, contracts, etc), basic CRM/email management (ex: scheduling, building funnels, list cleaning, automations), podcast management, creating graphics (Canva), calendar management/scheduling, affiliate/referral program management, client gifts, and file management/organization. 

Online Business Management

Can include all of the above, plus: team management (hiring, delegation, etc), project management, SOP creation/documentation, sales page or landing page creation (builds and set ups), more advanced CRM/email management (integrations across platforms, strategy, topic ideas, etc), funnel evaluation and strategy.

Social Media Management

Sample services for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Facebook groups, and Pinterest: scheduling content, creating graphics, engagement, DM management, repurposing content/content creation, video editing, evaluation and reporting.

We're Brenna and Samantha

We are the CEO and COO of Samantha Siffring Coaching – and we’re also sisters.

Brenna worked in corporate for several years before entering the online space, specializing in digital and web analytics. She is highly knowledgeable and skilled in marketing strategy, as well as the technical and operational parts of a business.

Samantha brings a background in psychology and marketing, and over 5 years of experience helping hundreds of clients build and scale their businesses in countless industries.

Since 2020, together we’ve built and scaled a million dollar online business, serving hundreds of clients. We’ve grown an audience of over 10k on multiple platforms. We’ve built member portals, managed communities, planned and led events, created courses, hired and led teams, and more.