Building a business can be a total emotional rollercoaster. Self doubt and confusion can get the better of you – they definitely took me down when I first starting out. Complete honesty time… I struggled a LOT my first year in business. I had ONE CLIENT my entire first year. Maybe you can relate?   Things I tried:

  • Created programs
  • Tweaked website
  • Ran free programs that less than 10 people joined
  • Changed fonts and colors
  • Poured money into FB, instagram, and pinterest ads
  • Ordered business cards
  • Posted a lot of quotes and memes on instagram
  • Blogged sometimes
  • Paid for leads

I also..

  • Was silent in FB groups
  • Was too nervous to tell people what I did, so I told everyone I was a stay at home mom
  • Went weeks or months without doing anything in my business because I was discouraged
  • Overdrafted my business account and was too afraid to look at the account balance
  • Had 4 sales calls with potential clients and one signed up
  • Let friends try my programs for free to “test” them

  Any of it sound familiar? The good news? I turned all of it around in the course of a month and so can you. Here’s what I did differently:

  • Picked a narrow niche
  • Got a clear message
  • Worked on my mindset
  • Implemented a social media strategy where I actually was visible to my dream clients.

Now I have a business that actually makes money – and is a legit business. I put everything I learned into a workbook & now I’m offering it to you – for free.

Hey, I’m Samantha.

I’m a business consultant + coach for moms. I stayed at home with my kids after they were born, but tbh, it wasn’t as fulfilling as I thought it would be. I craved something that was just for me – and I also wanted to contribute to the family finances and be able to #treatyoself every once in awhile too! I started coaching 3 years ago and have been able to do just that – have something just for me and make.that.money.  I have a big vision that every mom should be able to make money from home if she wants to. & I’m not talking 1 cent surveys or getting paid in gift cards. I’m not even talking network marketing. I’m talking a business that she builds herself – on her terms – using her strengths, skills, and passions. You in?

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