The mastermind for the next generation of leaders in the coaching industry.

The mastermind for the next generation of leaders in the coaching industry.

Are you ready to grow your impact…and your income?

It’s no secret – we become coaches because we care about people and want to help them. And here’s the deal… impacting a large number of people goes hand in hand with making great money as a coach. It’s not an either/or situation, and to be blunt, anyone who tells you otherwise does not have what you want.

In addition to making millions as a coach myself, I’ve helped many incredibly successful coaches to do the same. 

So let’s talk about what it takes…

When you’re getting started as a coach, passion and hard work can take you all the way to fully booked. But as you think about growing more, it can be hard to see the way forward without overworking and depleting yourself.

This is because what it takes to scale your coaching business to six and multiple six figures is different than what it takes to get that initial batch of clients. Now, it’s time to get serious about what you want to be known for, position yourself as an expert in that area, develop proprietary tools and concepts.

I work with clients to do just that – to identify what they have to offer, get clear on who they are as a coach, and learn how to communicate that in a way that attracts their best clients – and repels the people who aren’t. 

I created the Impactful Coach Mastermind to offer a space to nurture and mentor the next generation of leaders in the coaching industry, in all niches.

If you have dreams of big impact and big income, you’re in the right place.

To grow your coaching business:

You've got to stand out...

This is all about differentiating yourself in the wider coaching industry and in your niche. It encompasses your expertise, your confidence, your concepts, and the results your clients get. This is what you want to be known for.

In the mastermind, I will work with you to:

  • Create client results that make people say “WOW”
  • Develop your unique intellectual property (processes, concepts, tools)
  • Recognize your genius – and own it 

...and you've got to play big.

This is all about being seen and taking up space. It encompasses having a results-oriented marketing plan, pushing out of your comfort zone with visibility, refining your client pipeline, and constantly growing your brain. This is the #1 difference I have noticed in my clients who have gone on to multiple six figures and millions.

In the mastermind, I will work with you to:

  • Show up with confidence in yourself and your work
  • Increase your visibility to your ideal clients
  • Prioritize intentional internal growth
  • Dream BIG for yourself

A mastermind is a group of leaders.

The Impactful Coach Mastermind is a space where rising leaders in the coaching industry from all niches come together for personal and professional development, business growth, and support.

In this space, you are seen as the coach and business owner you want to be – and are becoming. You are guided in creating the tools, message, and mindset necessary to fully embody your vision.

In this room, you shift from learner to leader. 

While we are always growing and evolving as business owners and coaches, the intention is that you will have completed the core work of this mastermind within 6-12 months (1-2 mastermind rounds). 

On the other side:

  • You will feel clear, confident, and grounded about who you are and what you have to offer
  • You will have outlined the process you use with clients and be able to describe it simply and quickly, in a way that is easy to understand
  • You will have developed and documented some of your own unique concepts and tools
  • You will have a handful of “go to” topics for pitching speaking gigs, podcast guest spots, email list opt ins, and more
  • You will feel lit up about the work you do with clients and be able to speak to the impact it has on them
  • Your marketing message will be cohesive, and you will be making compelling offers regularly
  • Your visibility and reach will grow
  • You will have some BIG dreams you are moving forward to create (think: book, podcast, speaking gigs, etc)
  • Your marketing message, brand voice, offer suite, client journey will all flow together, feel aligned to each other and your zone(s) of genius, and you’ll have a sense that they just fit
  • You feel empowered to lead: yourself, your team as you grow one, your clients, your audience, and your peers

“I don’t pay much attention to other business coaches but I do feel like you’re in the minority in how well you get to know each of us and our businesses. You really give each person tailored guidance and it makes such a difference. The women you attract and communities you build always have such a great vibe and I’ve made some great friends thanks to you! You always go above and beyond for your clients and its a great feeling.”

Kayla, life and leadership coach

Samantha is one of the only coaches I know that can both hold the space for your greatness, while also being gentle with her coaching approach. I always feel safe with her coaching and in her presence. She is my number one choice when it comes to business coaching. This program has helped me create a business that is calm and steady. I can always count on Samantha to take her time while coaching me and others. This was a dream come true for both my nervous system and my business.”

Amanda, life coach for neurodivergent women

The Impactful Coach Mastermind is designed for coaches who are ready to stand out and play big to grow their impact and income.

What you get:

Each month, we’ll gather virtually as a group and Samantha will facilitate a workshop where you will be guided through a piece of this work to get it off the to do list and into practice in your business. (Example: identifying your process & learning to talk about it quickly & simply.)

This is where you: get direction on how to spend your week, get the motivation boost you need, re-spark your inspiration, get help ditching your mind drama, brainstorm big new ideas, and more.

We meet for 60 minutes as a group on Zoom, and get through as much coaching & Q&A as we can to fuel you up for the week ahead.

The human brain automatically aligns itself to the norms of the communities we are a part of. When you want to do big things like declare you are a leader, step into your brilliance, and go after large goals – the best brain hack you can give yourself is to put yourself in a room where those things are the norm.

Plus… running a business can get lonely and it never hurts to make friends who get it.

Each month, you’ll receive a questionnaire to walk you through evaluating the prior month and planning the following month. This prompts you to build the habit of: tracking your progress, documenting your lessons, and being intentional in goal setting and planning. 

The details:

This is a 6 month mastermind. The next round will enroll late summer/early fall 2024, and kick off mid-October 2024.

Investment: $8500 in full (payment plan: $1500/month)

Hey, I'm Samantha...

I’ve been a coach since 2015, and launched my own coaching business in 2017. In 2019, I made six figures for the first time. In 2021, I made a million dollars for the first time. 

I know what it takes to grow and scale a coaching business in 2024 because my clients and I are still doing it. It’s not as different as you might think from what worked a few years ago. Details change, but the timeless principles stand true.

Since 2018, I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches to grow their businesses by focusing on these timeless principles. Several of my past clients have built million dollar businesses. Many of my clients have scaled to six and multiple six figures.

My clients and former clients have top ranking podcasts, published books, four and five figure speaking gigs, and thousands of clients whose lives have been changed for the better. 

I’ve worked with coaches in all kinds of niches to refine their marketing, build their confidence, and get out there to show the world how amazing they are.

And I can help you too.

Let’s dream for a moment…

With my help, you will uncover what makes you unique, learn to tell your story in a way that attracts your ideal clients, improve your client results, develop your own concepts and tools, build your confidence, and get more visible. 

Truly take a moment and think about what changes when you do this work.

You will show up boldly and powerfully. You will be loud and proud about your work.

And your ideal clients will take notice.

You become a coach who is known for something uniqueeliminating competition because you are the only one who does what you do the way you do it.

And you feel grounded in yourself and your work in a way you never have before… which makes showing up with a clear, compelling message so much easier.

This means: increased demand, sold out launches, wait lists, raising rates, speaking gigs, book deals, and a ripple effect of lives positively changed – it’s within your reach when you do this work.

This mastermind is for coaches who are ready to be unapologetic about the value they bring and the space they take up in the world – and to grow their business: both in impact and income. that you?

“I’m so grateful to Samantha for this program. What I’ve learned in this space has helped me think outside of the box and create powerful marketing through copy that is unlike what everyone else is doing. She’s the perfect combo of a coach who brings the strategy you need to grow your business as well as helping through all the mindset muck that gets you stuck.”

Victoria, health coach

“I loved being a part of the first cohort. It was a great alternative for my stage of business (between growing income and not yet in a place to invest in 1:1 coaching.) I was able to get more hands-on help with my marketing, which I struggle with. I was also able to benefit from not only my coaching but also from the coaching offered to others, in a similar stage of business.”

Zandra, corporate leadership coach and consultant

“Thank you so much for this group. I have LOVED it. I think one of my favorite pieces was really honing in on the fact that this is OUR business, it doesn’t have to be structured or look like anyone else’s and whatever way we want it to serve us and our clients is perfect.”

Erin, personal finance coach

“I believe being in the program has helped me lay the foundations for future six-figure success. My results have been in the realm of mindset, clarity, having the vision, implementing the vision, and laying down the well-thought-out, strategic, strong foundations for future growth and success. I believe being in the program has really helped me make good decisions at this stage and avoid some potential pitfalls that I might have made otherwise.

Laura, spiritual counselor

You've got questions.. I've got answers.

The best fit for this mastermind:

  • you’ve made between $20k-$150k as a coach in the past year.
  • you’ve worked with at least 10 clients total as a coach
  • you understand that we will teach and coach on more advanced marketing, selling, and coaching topics in this group 
  • you have time and energy to devote to growing your coaching business
  • you already have a platform where you are marketing regularly (such as: instagram, FB group, podcast, etc)

Note: This mastermind is for coaches. If you’re not a coach and interested in working with me, check out Booked Out Business or 1:1 Coaching.

The calls take place Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern.

No problem. 

Book your discovery call with Samantha and be sure to make note of your question(s) on the form when you book the call.

The best decision I ever made in my business was hiring Samantha. I have made $40K since the start of the Mastermind and finished my first full year in business at over 100K. But more importantly, I have created the systems that will allow me to scale to multiple 6-figures this year: I hired the people I need and began delegating, I launched and SOLD OUT my first group program, I created a waitlist, and I have stopped worrying about the income results of every individual month because I’m looking at the big picture of what I am creating long term.”

April, life coach

If you want to find out who you really are and what you can actually do, you want to work with Samantha. You want to be with the women in her mastermind who are making it happen. You want to be in the room where possibility becomes reality.”

Erica, life coach

“I have worked with Samantha for a little over two years. I truly believe that a large component of my success, and what has helped me grow a multiple six-figure business is this program. Through every win and learning opportunity I have felt supported. As an entrepreneur, I am constantly experimenting, testing and trying new things so that I can help my clients get better results faster. The guidance and the support that I get through Samantha’s coaching enables me to experiment with the confidence that I am not going to break my business.  Building a million dollar business is inevitable and this coaching container provides me with the systems, ideation and the mindset I need to get there.”

Shannon, money coach

“By far, the most supportive thing in the mastermind is having Samantha’s eyes on my business. She offers the perfect balance of strategy and coaching so that I can consistently work toward my goals. I can reach out to her about anything – her thoughts on my content, when I’m struggling with my self-belief and when I have something to celebrate. It’s so amazing to have someone who believes in you, gives you practical strategy and also coaches you to believe in yourself and what you are offering. Samantha is that person to me and I know that when I’m working with her, my goals are inevitable.

I also LOVE the community aspect of the mastermind. It’s so fun to be in a space with other women who are creating these amazing businesses. We are all doing things in our own way, but we are doing it together. I’ve created amazing friendships and felt supported by my mastermind sisters as I grow my business.”

Anna, health coach


The next round begins April 15, and we have a few spots left.

Your next step is to book a discovery call with Samantha. On the call, you’ll talk with Samantha about your business and goals – and she will answer any questions and give her honest reflection on if this is the right fit for you and your business right now.