6 Social Media Tips That Work on Any Platform

As I write this, Threads is the hot new social media platform. As we all know.. These things can come and go overnight practically, so who knows what will be the latest platform once you are reading this post. 

As people join and start using Threads, it’s been fascinating to watch everyone figure out the app as they go. They’re testing things out, they’re wondering what to post. 

I’m by no means an expert on Threads because no one is an expert on Threads. It’s brand new! But… I am an expert in marketing – and there are some principles and tips that are true no matter what platform you are using. 

Here’s my top 6 social media tips that work on any platform- old ones, new ones, and the ones that haven’t even been invented yet:

Read the room

The best thing you can do when you’re figuring out how to use a platform – whether it’s for business or fun – is to use it as a consumer to get a feel for it. 

Read the room as a consumer of content on that platform to get a feel for what type of content does well, what people are talking about (and how), and the overall norms and vibe of the platform. You don’t have to spend days or weeks learning about the platform before you post, but you do want to get a feel for things the same way you might read the room when you step into a new situation.

Create natural content

The best content on any platform is going to be content that conforms to certain norms of the platform. This means content that feels natural and organic on that platform. 

When TikTok was first rising in popularity, people brought beautiful, influencer-y Instagram like content there and it didn’t perform like it did on IG. People on TikTok craved something more real. 

What we are seeing in the first week of Threads is that people who are trying to bring sterile “value post” type content that may have done well on Facebook or Instagram, are getting criticism in the comments because it doesn’t feel like conversation, it feels like marketing. 

Play to your strengths and preferences

I’ve repeatedly seen clients try to force themselves to make a platform (let’s be honest, it’s usually Instagram) work for them – and it’s a struggle. They have a hard time coming up with content, they aren’t consistent, it feels robotic.. and then it doesn’t perform and get them the results they want. Their audience and engagement is stagnant.

Guess what? If you hate the platform and struggle to show up there.. And your growth and engagement is stagnant there.. These things go together. 

I strongly believe in finding the path of least resistance in business. For marketing this means selecting your marketing platform(s) based on your strengths and preferences. If you prefer written content as a consumer and creator, TikTok is probably not your space. If you aren’t an Instagram user outside of business, maybe this is not going to be your place. 

Play the game

Listen, every platform has an algorithm it uses to determine which content to show to each user. You’ve got to be willing to play the game a bit. 

Different platforms incentivize different things when it comes to the algorithm, but if you are paying attention (reading the room), you will notice trends. Hint: the algorithm is almost always going to give priority to content and users that are early adopters to new features. 

Do NOT do what celebrities are doing

Have you ever noticed that when a celebrity with millions of followers posts, literally no matter what it is, that they get tons of engagement?

They could be posting the most generic thing, or picture of their meal, or any other thing that would get crickets if you or I posted it, and they get tons of engagement as if they said the most profound thing. 

Marketing hack: you can get away with some subpar stuff if you’ve already got a big following and tons of people who love you. 

But for the rest of us.. Our stuff actually has to be good.

And.. the secret sauce is in the name

It’s social media. Key word: social. 

No matter what platform you’re on, you will be rewarded for engaging with others. Both in the algorithm and in the genuine relationships you are building along the way. 

I’m not advocating for using bots or something to mimic genuine engagement. I’m talking about you utilizing these platforms like a real human to meet and connect with other real humans. Be social. 

What do you think? Are you going to use any of these tips in your strategy or to learn a new platform? Did I miss anything? Let me know!

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