You can have a fully booked business...

...and a real life.

To build a profitable business alongside everything else in life, the key is simplicity.

When most of us start a business, we overcomplicate, overthink, and overwhelm ourselves.

And we end up in a cycle of trying to do too much – then doing nothing. 

To make matters worse, those business owners convince themselves it’s because they aren’t “all in” enough, and that they can’t be with everything else on their plate. So they decide having a successful business isn’t for them. 

Having a successful business is for everyone who wants iteven those with real life demands that mean business can’t always be the primary focus. 

And as a parent, caregiver, and provider, you can’t afford to be spending your time doing the wrong things or trying to figure it out the hard way. Your time is precious, which is why this program gives you the exact steps you need so that your time produces one thing: profit.

You can do this.

In Mama to CEO, I teach you how.

You learn to break the cycle of over-action then no action. 

And instead, you…

  • Set up a very simple business that is designed mathematically to hit your revenue goals in the amount of time you are able to devote to your business. 
  • Get the tools to consistently market your business in a way that is easy to follow through and attracts clients to you.
  • Learn to sell in a way that feels comfortable to you and has your potential client saying YES instead of needing to be convinced. 

And the result is that you build a wildly profitable business that is fully booked with clients through simple steps you take during your work time. 

Mama to CEO is the only program that is specifically designed to show you how to build your business and become fully booked – alongside your real life and responsibilities.

This program was created to help you build a successful business even if you have challenging life circumstances, such as:

  • Being a single parent
  • Homeschooling children
  • Pregnancy and maternity leave
  • Caregiving for children with special needs  

Mama to CEO students have built thriving businesses and hit their financial goals with all of these circumstances – and more.

Join Mama to CEO

I’m Samantha

I made my first $100k with three kids under 10.

From working while the kids were asleep, to getting in a work day between school drop off & pick up, to retiring my husband before he turned 35…. for the past decade, I’ve experienced all the highs & lows of online business to create a dream life for my family.

I’ve spent a decade doing this – and lucky for you, I learned all the hard lessons so you don’t have to. Which is why you will get there years faster than I did. 

In fact, some students see their first $100k in their first year with my process and you can too.

Holy holy sh*t. I just sold my first 12 month coaching package for $12k. This also means that I’ve surpassed my money goal of $50k this year. 


If it wasn’t for this program I may have paused my business. I’m so happy that I didn’t stop. I’m showing up WAY more, bringing so much value and it’s paying me back.


Here's the secret to our success...

Simplicity makes it easier to follow through.

And when you follow through, you get results.

When you join Mama to CEO, you create work hours that actually fit in your real life (not just the days where all goes as planned) – plus a simple plan for how to spend that time to get tangible results.

In Mama to CEO, you learn to think like a CEO. This means that during your work time, you are focused on results vs busy work – because as moms, we don’t have time to waste on things that don’t work. Our time is limited, which means that the time we do spend working always needs to be moving our business forward. And that is exactly what you will do when you join Mama to CEO.

What you get when you join Mama to CEO:

When you join, you get immediate and lifetime access to all program components, plus access to all future updates. This means that the content, support, and coaching in Mama to CEO is here for you, as long as you need it. 

The Course

You will learn the simple Mama to CEO process for packaging your offers, marketing and selling it, and managing your time. These tools allow you to be very clear on how to spend your business time, feel motivated to take action on it, and know how to get tangible results from how you spend that time. The course alone is designed to help you build a fully booked business, while juggling everything else in your life.

Live Weekly Group Coaching

Application is everything. Once a week, you will join Samantha and coaching team for live group coaching to get help applying what you’ve learned in the program and overcoming any obstacle in your path. You are also welcome to watch and learn from the coaching that other students receive – and binge watch all the past coaching calls from the entire history of the program. (Or listen on our private podcast!)

On Demand Coaching

While you’re building your business, you will have questions and problems. It’s just a fact. And we’ve solved for it – hiring a team of certified coaches who are trained in the Mama to CEO process to support you whenever you need it. You submit your coaching request via the member portal, and a program coach will respond with help via email. We have thought of every single thing you need to succeed – and built it into this program, no extra charge. 

A Private Community

When you join Mama to CEO, you become one of us. We have one of the most positive, supportive, and real communities on the internet, full of other women who are building their businesses while navigating real life challenges. We are here for you – for support, advice, celebration, and friendship. We get you.

Mama to CEO Workbook + Copy That Compels

This program is designed to get you out of your head and into action to create real results, so we’ve included the Mama to CEO course workbook that supports what you learn in the course videos, to help you apply the concepts in real time, in your business.

You also receive Copy That Compels, the copywriting bible for online entrepreneurs. Copy = the words that you use in your copy (these can be spoken or written). Samantha has sold millions of dollars in her business through copy she has written herself. Everyone can write their own compelling copy – and Samantha created this book for you to learn how.

Bonus Courses

  • The 90 Day Challenge: If you’ve ever heard a business success story that referenced “the shift that changed everything” – the 90 Day Challenge is that shift. You will learn to create new beliefs, build your self confidence, AND receive a daily checklist of activities to do in your business to guarantee momentum and growth!
  • Cash in on Your Confidence: This 4 part course helps you build the self confidence to show up and get visible to create results in your business.
  • Quit Talking Shit: Samantha’s first ever course that teaches you how to neutralize your negative self talk.
  • Time Redesigned: This course will completely redefine your relationship with time and help you find the time management system that will actually work for you. 

Okay I just wanted to celebrate with all of you because I’m so excited and so proud of myself…
I signed my very first client today!!


This year I have embraced walking towards my business and allowing it to unfold and grow vs hiding from it and being afraid of it actually growing. Big thanks to Samantha’s coaching support!


Mama To CEO helped me show up differently and BETTER for myself – as a real CEO and not just a mom with an expensive hobby.


Module Overview:

Module 1: Business Foundations

Module 2: Marketing

Module 3: Sales

Module 4: CEO

Module 5: Mama

What happens when you join?

When you join Mama to CEO, you get immediate access to everything: the course, the community, on demand coaching, our weekly coaching schedule, and all bonuses. You can get started right away. 

Whether you watch all the modules in one weekend, or watch one a week – you will get results. The biggest results in your business will come from the simple shifts you implement – not from how much you consume.

The process you will learn is exactly what you need to create a business that is fully booked… and how to balance that with a life that’s already full. Plus, you get all the tools and support you need to follow through and make it happen. We’ve thought of everything for you and we are here waiting to support you.

Lifetime Membership Fee: $2000

Results you can expect when you apply the Mama to CEO process:

With Mama to CEO, you will experience finally investing in yourself without feeling guilty about it – because it will enrich every area of your life.

This is officially my first $1k+ month (and therefore also my highest-earning month so far). It took 6 months to create my first $1,000 last year.
It took 7 months to sign my first 3 clients. I have now signed 1 client/month for the past 3 months in a row.
In the first 2 months of this year, I’ve made nearly half of what I made in all of 2021.


Its my first 5k month!

I just signed my second client of the month! and the month is not even over yet!!

My growth over the past few months is blowing my mind. Thank you all for being such a supportive space and holding such a high standard for what’s possible.


I have a paying client!!!!!!!
She’s my first paying client!!!!
I know completely that I made this client because of all the coaching I’ve given myself, received over the past few months, and what I learned here from Mama to CEO.


My son watched me deposit money that I earned this year into my bank account and was surprised that my business actually earned a whole $1,000.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is a lifetime access program, which means it isn’t time limited. You get to go at your own pace to create your goals – and if life happens, we are here when you are ready to come back. Many of our clients hit $5k months in 6 months or less and go on to make $100k in a year, but your pace is up to you. If you aren’t making money with your business, it’s because you are missing the tools inside this program, and this program will be here for you for as long as it takes for you to create the results you want.

Of course! We have clients from all over the world and love them.

The course was created with an online service provider in mind (think: graphic designer, bookkeeper, copywriter, coach, consultant, etc) however, we’ve had many clients come through the program with other types of businesses (brick and mortar, products, etc) and created huge success. Bottom line… if you aren’t making money with your business, it’s because you are missing the tools inside this program.

You get to go at your own pace in this program, so how much time it takes is up to you. 

That said, on average, students spend:

  • One hour a week attending/participating in the live group coaching
  • One hour a week (10 min a day) participating/getting coaching in the community
  • 20-60 minutes a week watching video modules and doing the accompanying worksheets (each module is 5-15 minutes in length, bite sized to minimize your time spent learning, and maximize your time spent implementing and getting results.)

If you aren’t making money with your business, it’s because you are missing the tools inside this program. Come in with the mentality to consistently implement what you learn (whatever pace you choose) and you will succeed.

Yes. All of our weekly coaching calls, plus any bonus events/calls are all recorded and available in the membership portal. Some of our most successful clients have never come to a call live – and have simply watched the replay and implemented everything they learned.

We have built this program to give you everything you could possibly need to get fully booked in your business, from packaging up an irresistible offer to marketing and selling it to get people saying YES, to managing your time between business building and your real life. 

With Mama to CEO you get lifetime access to:

  • all program materials (and future updates)
  • weekly live group coaching calls where you can request coaching
  • unlimited Ask Mama to CEO coaching via email
  • support from your peers in the program, program coaches, and Samantha within the Mama to CEO Facebook community


We offer 3 payment plans:

  • one payment of $2000 in full
  • two monthly payments of $1000
  • four monthly payments of $500

When you join, you get immediate access to the member portal and Facebook community. 

You are able to see the entire course, link for the private podcast, all workbooks and bonuses.. as well as the schedule (and past recordings) for weekly live group coaching calls and the link to submit for Ask Mama to CEO email coaching. 

We hold nothing back!

When you join, there are welcome videos that explain the program, how to succeed in it, and how to make your money back. I recommend you start with those videos first.