A fully booked business...

without giving up everything else.



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Everyone says you need to go "all in" on your business to succeed.

But you’re worried this will mean all your other priorities will take a backseat – and you’ll end up with a thriving business – but personally, burned out.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women owned small businesses… and I can tell you this: a thriving, profitable business with BIG goals does not have to cost the rest of your life.

It just takes a different approach.

It takes well defined work hours and boundaries, and knowing how to use that work time to make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment of time and energy.

This is what the Booked Out Without Burnout membership is all about… showing you exactly how to spend your work time to create a business that is fully booked – without burning you out.

The answer is not more: it’s less.

It’s time to narrow down all the things you’re doing into a simple business plan that you can actually follow through on – even when life happens. 

When your plan is clear and simple, you can be consistent with it during the work hours you have available.

And consistency is what creates momentum – and a booked out business.

You can do this.

This is the least expensive MBA out there and it’s the only one you need to get to $100k.


I’ve officially doubled my clients I’ve served in 2022 vs 2021. While having our 3rd baby.


I made $3,000 today. It feels so great to making my own money.


In the Booked Out Without Burnout membership, you create your simple plan and learn what actually works for you.

We will help you to take the skills and knowledge you have to offer and turn them into a profitable, sustainable business. I’m talking the support, skills, tools, and knowledge you need to really make this happen. 

It’s ok that visibility is hard for you, or that you don’t have 40 hours a week to work, or that you aren’t great at technology, or that the thought of getting on a sales call makes you break out in hives, or that you leave a trail of unfinished projects in your wake.

You can build an incredible business even if the business part feels hard.

Booked Out Without Burnout was created for real humans living real lives – meaning, we get that putting yourself out there might be uncomfortable, that sometimes you overthink things, and that building your business isn’t the only thing going on in your life. 

Booked Out Without Burnout is specifically designed to show you how to build your business and become fully booked – while also taking into account that you’re a real human with other stuff going on.

This membership was created to support you in building a successful business even if you have challenging life circumstances, such as:

  • Working a full time job in addition to your business
  • Being a single parent
  • Chronic illness
  • Homeschooling children
  • Pregnancy and maternity leave
  • A spicy brain aka neurodivergent
  • Caregiving for children with special needs or elderly loved ones 

Booked Out Without Burnout members have built thriving, fully booked businesses with all of these circumstances – and more.

Join Booked Out Without Burnout

Hey, I’m Samantha

I got fully booked and made my first $100k with three kids under 10.

From working while the kids were asleep, to getting in a work day between school drop off & pick up, to reaching a million dollars in annual revenue…. for the past decade, I’ve experienced all the highs & lows of online business – and I’m still in the thick of it – so I get where you’re coming from.

I have degrees in psychology, marketing, and counseling; have worked as a right hand woman for several brick and mortar and online small business owners; have a successful coaching business and done-for-you operations and marketing agency; and have helped hundreds of women make money with their businesses.  

If you feel like you have so much to offer – you just don’t know how to actually offer it, to get people buying, to make the business part work…

…I’ve got you.

I signed my first VA client for a monthly $500 retainer in the VA business I started last week, 8 days after joining.


I made $20k in my first year. Thank you so much for helping me to believe in myself again. I’m so thankful for you and this program and all that is to come.


How we support you:

The Course

Your one stop shop for creating a simple plan and learning how to grow your business. (scroll down for detailed course outline!)

This membership is designed to get you out of your head and into action to create real results, so we’ve included a course workbook that gives summaries of each video, bonus material, and worksheets to apply what you learn… as well as linking additional resources such as the Copy That Compels workbook, recommended technology platforms, and our legal template partner. 

Dedicated Support Team

We have a team of certified coaches who are trained in the Booked Out Without Burnout tools and concepts ready to support you in two different ways: 

First, you can join the group for a weekly live Q&A call where you can talk through your questions and get personal answers and brainstorming. 

Second, you can submit your request privately and receive a private response from the support team within the member portal.

The 90 Day Challenge

The 90 Day Challenge workbook provides daily journal prompts for building confidence and motivation, plus a daily checklist of 5 tangible things (your simple plan!) to do each day to build momentum so you are never stuck not knowing what step to take to move the needle in your business. 


A Private Community

Let’s face it, being a business owner can be lonely. Included in your membership is access to our community of other business owners who get you and what you are doing. We are here for you – for support, advice, celebration, and friendship. 

Monthly Membership Fee: $159


Now through December 11, get one month of your membership FREE when signing up for 6 months.

Investment for 6 months: $954 $795


When you join, you get immediate access to everything: the full course, weekly group calls, member portal support, the community, and materials – and have ongoing access for as long as you are an active member. 

You can cancel your membership at any time without a bunch of drama and hassle. 

Okay I just wanted to celebrate with all of you because I’m so excited and so proud of myself…
I signed my very first client today!!


The biggest change I’ve noticed is my confidence. I was able to get over my public speaking fear and can confidently extend offers to potential clients. This program and coaching has changed my confidence from one of fear, being timid, and holding back. Now, I know full well that I’m going to accomplish the goals I set out to do.


This has helped me show up differently and BETTER for myself – as a real CEO and not just a mom with an expensive hobby.


This is officially my first $1k+ month (and therefore also my highest-earning month so far). It took 6 months to create my first $1,000 last year.
It took 7 months to sign my first 3 clients. I have now signed 1 client/month for the past 3 months in a row.
In the first 2 months of this year, I’ve made nearly half of what I made in all of last year.


Its my first 5k month!

I just signed my second client of the month! and the month is not even over yet!!

My growth over the past few months is blowing my mind. Thank you all for being such a supportive space and holding such a high standard for what’s possible.


I have a paying client!!!!!!!
She’s my first paying client!!!!
I know completely that I made this client because of all the coaching I’ve given myself, received over the past few months, and what I learned here.


My son watched me deposit money that I earned this year into my bank account and was surprised that my business actually earned a whole $1,000.


Course Outline

Module 1: Business Foundation

Module 2: Organic Marketing

Module 3: Getting Clients

Module 4: Doing The Work

Each video training listed above has optional captions and comes with a written summary within the course workbook PDF, as well as linked resources and workbook prompts as applicable, to support your learning style and help you apply what you learn so you’re not just learning… you’re getting results in your business.

You can start with the first video, or jump around the course to fill in the gaps in your skills or knowledge.

Ready to get started?

Monthly Membership fee: $159

You can cancel your membership at any time without a bunch of drama and hassle. 


Now through December 11, get one month of your membership FREE when signing up for 6 months.

Investment for 6 months: $954 $795


You might be wondering...

We do. We get that not everyone learns the same way, or wants to participate in a group the same way. 

This membership is designed for you to be able to pick and choose what works best for you – and still get results. 


  • You have the option to add captions to course videos
  • You have the option to change the speed of course videos
  • The PDF course workbook features a written summary of each video 
  • You can get private written coaching in the member portal that will not be viewed by anyone besides our team

As a member, if you require additional accommodations, reach out to us. 

You don’t have to have a business before you join. Throughout the course, we’ve included content that is helpful for getting a brand new business started. (Examples: tech stack, the legal stuff, pricing, business values)

We do recommend that you have an idea of what skills, knowledge, and experience you have to offer. In the Business Model and Offer video/worksheets, you will package it into a high quality offer that is valuable to your future clients. 

If you already have a business, even one that is fully booked, there may be skills or concepts you still want to learn. 

Examples: email list, business standards, launching, hiring your first team member, and more.

People who already have an established business may also want to join for the access to high quality coaching and community. 

The majority of clients who come to us don’t have large audiences or marketing budgets, and for that reason, we recommend a 1:1/done-for-you service offer. This kind of offer requires fewer clients to fill your client roster and hit your financial goals. 

The majority of the “Getting Clients” module is centered around this type of offer, with the exception of the Launching video which applies to other types of offers as well.  

Of course! We have clients from all over the world and love them.

Our international clients who can’t make the weekly live calls due to time zones typically listen to the replay and take advantage of the written support coaching – and still see the same business growth and results. 

The course was created with an online service provider in mind (think: graphic designer, bookkeeper, virtual assistant, OBM, copywriter, coach, consultant, etc) however, we’ve had many clients come through the program with other types of businesses (brick and mortar, products, etc) and created huge success. Bottom line… if you resonate with Samantha’s content and teachings, you’re going to love this membership.

Both mindset and strategy matter in business and have an impact on the results in your business. What we’ve found is that different clients need different things at different times – so we created a membership that offers both. 

Throughout the course and materials, you will find both mindset tools and tactical how-tos, plus guidance on how to choose the right strategies for you. 

Via coaching, you can request mindset support or strategic/tactical/how to support. 

The membership does not include 1:1 coaching calls. 

On the group coaching calls, it is a 1:1 conversation between coach and client (with an audience). Meaning, only one client is getting coached at a time. Typically on weekly coaching calls, we coach 3-6 clients on average. We keep a log of who is coached and prioritize clients who have never been coached or have not been coached recently. Clients are selected for live coaching based on who clicks the “raise hand” button during the group coaching call.

Private coaching is available via written coaching in the member portal. This option was created for circumstances such as: you have a sensitive/private topic, were not able to get coached during the weekly call/issue came up between calls, prefer written coaching, or just generally do not want coaching in front of the group. 

This is a “choose your own adventure” membership, so how much time it takes is up to you. 

That said, on average, students spend:

  • One hour a week attending/participating in the live group coaching
  • One hour a week (10 min a day) participating in the community and getting coaching from the support coaches
  • 20-60 minutes a week watching video modules and doing the accompanying worksheets.

We do not offer refunds once you have already paid for the month, but you are able to cancel at any time (meaning you will not be charged for the next month) without penalty, drama, or hassles. 

You can cancel your membership, update your credit card information, or update your member information, all within the My Account page in your member portal.

Yes. All of our weekly coaching calls, plus any bonus events/calls are all recorded and available in the membership portal. 

We also upload our call audio to a private podcast feed so you can listen on the go.

Some of our most successful clients have never come to a call live – and have simply watched the replay and implemented everything they learned.

Currently, weekly calls are held at 11am Eastern time on Wednesdays. Once you join, you can find the call schedule and details for how to join within the Member Portal. We’ve created a Google calendar that allows you to quickly add a coaching call to your digital calendar.

Calls are recorded and uploaded the following day to our Member Portal and private podcast. 

Yes. You are always welcome to leave and come back whenever you like. 

To pause, you would cancel your membership in your member portal, and you would officially lose access when that billing cycle is over (meaning: you have access for the month you’ve paid for, even if you cancel). 

To resume, you would re-join as a new member when you’re ready to come back. 

No problem. Many of our clients build their businesses on the side while they still work for someone else. 

In the course, we help you balance your time between multiple priorities, financially plan (including figuring out how/when to leave your other job if that’s part of your plans), and help you create a business growth strategy that fits into the time you have to work on your business, even if that’s not full time hours.

We’ve got you!

Click here to send an email to my team and we will get your question answered! 

Ready to get fully booked?

Monthly Membership fee: $159

You can cancel your membership at any time without a bunch of drama and hassle. 


Now through December 11, get one month of your membership FREE when signing up for 6 months.

Investment for 6 months: $954 $795