Mompreneur Mastery


Commit to an evolution…

…as a mom

…as an entrepreneur

…as an individual

Mompreneur, join us…

Mompreneur Mastery is a six month journey to creating a life you love: parenting without losing your cool, building a business that is successful and fulfilling, and learning how to balance it all to keep your sanity.

Run by parenting coach, Ann Kaplan, and business coach, Samantha Siffring, this program will transform your life.


The Roadmap

Month 1: Plan to Succeed

Responding to misbehavior

Understanding the lifecycle of your business

Owning your thoughts

Month 2: Messaging

Effectively communicating with your child

Your business message

Harnessing your vision

Month 3: Massive Action

Empowering your child

Long and short term marketing

Getting out of your comfort zone

Month 4: Energy Exchange

Mutual respect with your child


Staying motivated

Month 5: Tenacity

Being heard by your child

Overcoming sales obstacles

Pushing through setbacks

Month 6: Put it all together

Easy reactions to every parenting scenario

Evaluating and tracking your business

Future-casting/scaling up

Client Love

If you have ever wanted to start or scale your business as a mom who is in the throes of having littles around the Mompreneur Mastery Coaching Program is for you! When I started I had a very fuzzy idea of where I was going in my parenting and business and just knew I needed it to be better. Ann and Samantha have helped me to see where my genius zone is and to take that knowledge to help others. They really focus on helping the people buying from you instead of selling just to sell as well as assist you in seeing who you are as a person and the value you are bringing to the world. You can do this, and this program can help you make the breakthrough to really make your dream happen.


To say that the Mompreneur Mastery Program has been life-changing is an understatement. I had no idea the journey Samantha and Ann would take me on or the amount of growth that would happen during our time together. I barely recognize the woman that I was at the start of the program. The materials and time that both coaches put into the group is unreal–and the access they give to us is seriously bananas!! I basically have two coaches by my side every day at my fingertips. I also love the Facebook group and the group coaching calls because I’ve learned so much and have been inspired by each of my fellow group members. As they grow, I learn, and as I grow, I share with them. It’s beautiful. I am so grateful that this program literally fell into my lap and I am going to OWN 2019 with the clarity, strategy, and support of Samantha, Ann, and this program!


The Details

Mompreneur Mastery is a 6 month group program.

This round is full, and the next generation will begin late summer/early fall 2019.

Who We Are

Samantha Siffring

Samantha is a business consultant and coach for moms and the host of the Badass Mother Podcast. She started as a coach after struggling to find her identity after becoming a mother and now is very passionate about helping other moms build businesses from home and balance entrepreneurship with motherhood. She is a mom of 3, an over-volunteer-er, and a travel lover – she and her husband met while studying abroad in college and are always taking their kids on epic adventures.

Ann Kaplan

With 4 kids and a business as a birthworker and parent coach, whatever your mompreneur struggles are, you better believe Ann’s been there, big time!  Luckily, after realizing she did NOT want life full of anger, out of control kids & complete pandemonium, she managed to pull herself out of the darkness, & came away with the lessons & tools she shares with moms like us every day. She has worked with mothers for over 9 years and supports families through pregnancy, birth and parenting struggles and loves helping moms find balance and fulfillment within and outside motherhood.

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