Walk into every room with your greatest amount of confidence.

turn that big idea into reality + launch your business.

have that hard conversation you’ve been avoiding for months.



DID YOU KNOW THAT ONE OF THE four major confidence killers is perfectionism? That’s right, your unrealistic expectations of yourself are blocking you from self confidence. Confidence to: launch your dream business, reach out to that cool new mom at school pick up and ask her to coffee, or run for that volunteer position you know you’d be perfect at AKA living your best life + fullest potential.

this course has 3 exercises that will show you:

  • why perfectionism is actually not a good inner coach + motivator
  • how to overcome the need to be perfect + start taking action
  • how to start accepting yourself just as you are and let go of your fear of becoming lazy without perfectionism to motivate you

with this course, you will:

  • double your level of confidence
  • give yourself a break without worrying that you won’t be motivated
  • make choices that align with your goals instead of the need to always be perfect & the best

Hey, I’m Samantha.

I’m a life & business coach with years of experience working with women on confidence and motivation, but mostly importantly – I am a recovering perfectionist.

I was that kid who used to sit at my desk & cry because I didn’t know the answer to one question on my test at school. I started projects that I never finished because trying to get them exactly right was exhausting. As an adult, I pretty much never tried anything I knew I wouldn’t be good at unless I had a friend with me to help me deal with it. I definitely left a cardio kickboxing class halfway through in tears once (to be fair, I was pregnant).

Coaching helped me to overcome my perfectionism + have my highest level of confidence. Not an easy feat considering I spent nearly a decade with acne and braces.

I created a workbook called “Perfectionism is Lowkey Ruining Your Life & How to Stop It” to share the best tips I’ve learned for overcoming perfectionism & building confidence. I know you’re going to love it + will start seeing results immediately! 

For all of you thinking “I am never good enough,” “why can’t I get this right,” and “why does life seem effortless for everyone else” — I made this for you. 

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