$10K Months as a Virtual Assistant With Shannon South

These are two major myths that are often talked about in the entrepreneurial world:

Marketing = social media

You have to be on social media to get clients.

Listen… I’m a huge proponent of social media. For all the flaws, it gives us access to SO MANY connections with new people, for free. Yep, it takes work. But it’s also such an advantage for beginning business owners.

And while I’m usually giving you tips on how to connect with people on social media – today I want to introduce you to a whole other world of possibilities… growing a business without using it.

On today’s episode of The Simple Online Business Podcast I’m chatting with my client Shannon, who recently had her first 10k month without building an audience on social media, about her inspiring journey of embracing change and discovering the freedom entrepreneurship brings. We talk about how she got started, the obstacles she’s overcome and the power of coaching and community in business growth.

Watch the interview below:

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a successful business without the use of social media
  • How effectively communicating with teams and clients about workload and availability can positively impact a business’s growth and success
  • Why setting boundaries and seeking support are important pillars of business success.
  • Why building a strong team and creating a supportive work environment is the key to sustained growth

Learn More About Shannon:

Shannon is the CEO of Lifetime Stress Relief, a virtual assistance & online business management company that specializes in email & calendar management, preventing overwhelm and burnout, and developing systems to save time. Yes, we research refrigerators and check emails, but we also save time for life on our clients’ calendars, act as a gatekeeper between customers, and remember the special dates in our clients’ lives. When not working, Shannon loves to travel and be outside with her puppy, Ruby Tuesday, painting, surfing, or reading!

Visit her website here

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