3 Ways to Overhaul Your (failed) Goals

How are those New Years resolutions going? Did you forget about them a few weeks back? Instead of beating yourself up, or giving up on the desire to be better altogether, let’s refocus. Here are 3 ways to look at your goals in a fresh way & get back on track:

  1. Don’t expect what works for your mom or friend to work for you. Everyone is different & sometimes you have to fail at a few different techniques to find what works for you. For example: Crossfit may totally ring your BFF’s bell but if you can’t even make yourself leave the house to get there, it isn’t for you. This week, try something new – is it Zumba? Is it Couch to 5k? One of my resolutions for the year was to try a new physical activity every month.
  2. Did you start off expecting too much? Break your huge goals into smaller, bite size goals. Maybe KonMari-ing your whole apartment is a bit overwhelming. How about using this weekend to reorganize the cabinet under your sink, go through your makeup bag, or fill a bag full of old clothes to donate. One thing at a time, girlfriend. Little steps add up to huge changes over time. And remember to stop, notice, and celebrate each small win along the way. I just organized one of my kitchen drawers the other day and I keep opening it to admire my work. Don’t neglect to pat yourself on the back when you deserve it!
  3. Make sure you even know what you’re working towards. “Be healthier” – um.. what does that even mean? Were your resolutions too vague? What end result do you want and how will you know the mission is accomplished? Once you have that figured out, go backwards and figure out all the action steps you will need to take to make it happen. Examples: save 10% from each paycheck, call my best friend every Sunday night, paint my bedroom by August.

& I’ll throw in a bonus. This stuff works a lot better when you have someone cheering you on. Find a workout buddy, hire a coach (hi, have we met?), or ask your sister to check in on your progress once a month. Make sure this is someone who wants to see you succeed in this area & isn’t bringing their own issues to the table! That friend who always begs you to come to bottomless mimosa brunch is probably not the best choice to help you stay on track with your diet.

Need even more help? I’ve got your back – I made The Roadmap just for you.

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