4 perks of having a life coach

Before I was a life coach… I had a life coach. And I still do, because this life thing is complicated.

Some of you might be curious about the benefits of coaching and what to expect, so I give you: 4 perks of having a life coach.

You’ll get a confidence boost. Something I love about having a coach is getting totally open feedback from another person. It’s also something I love about being a coach. I get to know my clients really well and regularly tell them how great they are. We all are a little too caught up in our own heads to see the things that are amazing about us sometimes. Having someone point out your strengths is awesome!

You’ll take more brave action. You know those things you’ve always dreamt of doing? Starting your own business? Writing your book? Starting your podcast? Running for public office? Yeah… your coach is going to ask you about how those are going. Your coach is going to bring you back to that big idea inside you that is easy to push aside in favor of Netflix binging, going out with friends, and let’s be honest – even cleaning your bathroom. You might be willing to put your dream off, but your coach will.not.let.it.go. And it might just be the accountability you need to take action.

Your relationships will change. You’re going to learn communication skills, figure out your boundaries and how to enforce them, and also how to nourish your most legit friendships. I know that I can’t be my clients’ one and only confidante and cheerleader, so I quickly figure out who else in their life makes up their support system. We talk about how to figure out who to trust and how to lean on them more. When you do work on your insides, you get a lot of clarity about who deserves space in your life and who doesn’t.

A new voice in your head. So.. you know the voice that tells you that you’re worthless, an idiot, and never enough? Well we work on that voice and you learn how to handle it like Olivia Pope. You will also get a new voice that sounds strangely exactly like your coach and says things that you coach says. I know because I have my coach’s voice in my head bringing me back to my goals, challenging my false beliefs, and encouraging me to be my best & most honest self every day.

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If this sounds like something you need in your life, let’s make it happen, friend! I’ve got programs & packages for all time commitments and budgets, you can check them out here.


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