A Year of Transformation

This week’s podcast episode is one of my favorite kinds of episodes. Specifically because you, the listeners, get to hear from actual students of Mama to CEO.

Today, you get to hear their stories, and the ups and downs of their journey thus far. Not to mention most importantly, their wins and celebrations. 

Mama to CEO has had SO many amazing women go through the program, so my team and I really took the time to find four women that not only had relatable stories and journeys to share, but incredible wins after completing the Mama to CEO program. 

On this week’s episode, you’ll learn first hand from four incredible clients, and business owners, how a program and community like Mama to CEO can be instrumental for growth. Certainly how it can not only allow you to challenge yourself as a business owner, but give you the support you need to be successful in your business.

Watch our discussion below:

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How working with a business coach can help you to feel supported in all stages of your business.
  • Why Mama to CEO gives you the tools to run your business with the right amount of emotions.
  • How the networking  you make in Mama to CEO can support your business on different levels that you’d never expect
  • Why the program Mama to CEO, and the community, works with every kind of business owner, in every stage of their business

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Learn more about Erin:

Erin is a Financial Life Coach. She teaches people how to take control of their finances and live & spend intentionally. She loves to get nerdy in the spreadsheets, reading, Christmas, and a good margarita!

  • Visit Erin’s website HERE
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Learn more about Olivia:

Olivia works with women who want to thrive while their businesses thrive within the lifestyles they have. She uses years of corporate experience and methodologies with your business and unique dream to create a simple but achievable plan, melding dreaming, designing, planning, marketing, branding, mindset and energetics with the way you like to work, harnessing seasons and cycles, a side of slow business and weekly support through the ebbs and flows. 

Olivia has both a 1:1 private client 4 month container plus a more self-led membership to build with community support. 

  • Visit Olivia’s website HERE
  • Follow Olivia on Instagram HERE

Learn more about Shannon:

Shannon South is the CEO of Lifetime Stress Relief, a virtual assistance and project management company. She loves working with people who are making a difference in the world to not get stuck in the emails or back office of their businesses, so they can focus on what that love; connecting with clients and perfecting products. She has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and worked as a Certifying Scientist for 4 years before starting her own business. In her free time she loves bringing her puppy, Ruby Tuesday, with her everywhere, watercolor painting, surfing, and reading novels. Please reach out to her to see if you would be a good fit working together! 

  • Visit Shannon’s website HERE
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Learn more about Lindsay:

Lindsay is a mom of 6 (4 of whom are teens or tweens), business owner and adventure junkie. As a Certified Youth & Parent Life Coach she helps youth embrace confidence and self love to live more abundant lives, avoid perfectionism and self harm.  She also supports parents in creating a home environment that supports their teens’ self love journey.

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