All or Nothing

I have helped hundreds of women make money. And the biggest hurdle I see standing in the way every time?

All or nothing thinking. 

There are so many ways all or nothing thinking can creep into your business. 

Here’s an example… you have a plan for how you’re going to spend your time, and when real life sinks in, you drop the plan. And then you think… planning just doesn’t work for me. 

When in reality, that plan didn’t work. But planning itself… could still work. 

Many of you struggle with the black and white thinking of “I shouldn’t run a business vs I should run the business the way I want to scale it”. This is an extreme way of thinking and can negatively affect your business results. 

Remember, I simply let my business evolve without being neat and tidy. I started off messy and shifted from a membership program, to a group program, then I created Mama to CEO and now the Mastermind, and I still hit a million dollars. 

Don’t let the all or nothing mentality limit you.

On this week’s episode of Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I am walking you through several different examples of all or nothing thinking and how it affects your sales approach, time management and hitting your goals, small or large. I also share how all or nothing thinking is ultimately holding you back.

You are going to have non-stop breakthroughs with this episode as all the possibilities open up for you.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How it’s okay to start with an offer that isn’t scalable- there is nothing you can’t fix, change or correct in business – ever! 
  • How easy it is to encompass the “All or Nothing” mentality in marketing or on social media – and how the results you get are the average of the things that you do
  • Why using your skillset or comfort level to take nothing to something is advantageous
  • Why eliminating the all or nothing thinking is important when it comes to your time, organization and overall goal setting in business
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  • Episode #192 Two Streams of Marketing
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I am Samantha Siffring.

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