Are You Afraid To Set Goals?

When you think of goal setting, what are some thoughts that immediately come to mind? 

For some, it’s: overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and fear. And because of these feelings, some business owners will just run their businesses without setting goals. 

If you’re this kind of business owner, then are you really working towards goals?

Or, are you simply just doing things for your business to check them off of a list?

 I think it’s time for us to rewrite the narrative when it comes to goal setting…

And make it both a fun and challenging direction in your business! 

Will we immediately find things that work for us and for our business? 

No! But that’s part of the process, right? 

Finding things that work for us, and allowing ourselves to learn along the way. 

On this episode of the podcast, we are going to chat about the role of self-doubt and imposter syndrome when it comes to goal setting. But in order to see business growth, we as business owners need to overcome these negative emotions we feel, and  learn how to embrace failure as part of the goal setting process.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How it’s Important to make time for goal setting and planning for growth in your business
  • Why finding a goal setting system that works for both you and your business could be a game changer for 2024
  • How you should always be questioning the purpose of your goals and how they are evolving overtime in the new year
  • Why learning from setbacks and embracing failure will actually lead you on the path to successful goal setting
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