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I thought it might be a fun end of year surprise to do a podcast that was semi-unstructured, unscripted, but still, organized in a very specific way. I wanted to have an Ask Samantha episode where I would  hop on here and take questions that I’ve received from all of you who listen. However, I have not prepared any answers for them.

Although I may not have answers prepared, I’ve looked through all of the questions. Kind of thought a little bit about what I wanted to say, but I don’t have any notes or anything. So you know me, who knows what’s gonna happen. In true Samantha Siffring style, I will go off on some rants, and tangents, but will always circle back to the bigger picture. 

On this week’s episode, you will get to hear and learn a little bit more about me on a more personal level. You’ll also get to experience both some insight, clarity, and maybe even a little tough love that you might be needing in both your business, your life as a mother, or all of the above. But regardless, I hope you find this both educational, entertaining, and relatable!

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On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to revisit the idea of mindset work if you don’t feel like it’s working for you and your business goals
  • Why consistent scheduling made all the difference in the growth of my business
  • How my most impactful mindset shift early on in my career truly changed the whole forecast of my business
  • Why it is beneficial to prepare yourself to handle difficult clients before they cross your path

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I am Samantha Siffring.

Through my coaching business and done-for-you agency, I help online business owners build profitable businesses without burning out.