Authentic Visibility in Business

Today I’m excited to introduce Julie Lamb to the Online Business Building Mamas podcast. Julie is a licensed therapist, life and business coach with almost 20 years of therapy and coaching experience. She helps entrepreneurs and high achieving individuals get clarity, confidence and empowerment to achieve their next level of success. We’ll talk about all things visibility and how showing up as your true and authentic self is the best way to “be seen” in your business. 

You’re probably wondering how Julie succeeded in her business and hit a six figure income – she switched gears. She started to keep things simple, she spoke to what she knew, and most importantly, she started to show up as her true self. 

Society has conditioned us to show up in business in a certain way, but the best results come from when we speak from the heart, be more direct, unfiltered… be you. Speaking your truth will get you farther in business- whether it’s an increase in client acquisition, more likes or comments, and of course, you guessed it – more money. People want to hear what you have to say, and when you’re passionate and energized about your business, clients will be too. 

We encourage you to start speaking from the heart. Ask yourself, why do your clients come to you? What do they like about you and the way you run your business? How do I show up as my most authentic self?

The more we give ourselves compassion, the more we fall in love with our business all over again.  

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How confronting discomfort in business increases your visibility. 
  • Why slowing down in all aspects of business and being self aware is crucial to success.
  • Why climbing a mountain is similar to growing your business and how easy it is to take the journey for granted, how we forget to enjoy the incredible things that happen along the way.
  • How simplicity and authenticity trumps all aspects of growth in business. 
  • Why it’s beneficial not to share all of your passions when working on visibility and why you don’t have to say all of “the things”- but rather ask yourself, “what do I care about that will serve my client?”

Julie Lamb is a licensed therapist and life and business coach. Julie has almost 20 years of therapy and coaching experience where she helps entrepreneurs and high achieving individuals get clarity, confidence and empowerment to achieve their next level of success. Her business has allowed her to show her 3 young girls the possibilities available and to retire her husband from corporate America.

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