Bonus: Unlocked with Kristen Boss

Today I have my bestie and extremely accomplished coach, Kristen Boss on the podcast. Her and I share a lot of the same beliefs in business and marketing, and today we unlock several core areas where we see people not having the success that they absolutely could have in their business. 

Kristen and I have made 12 million between both of our businesses in the last two and a half years. Run, don’t walk, to get your headphones on and press that play button. 

I am also thrilled to share that a big reason for this episode is our  “unlocking” or unveiling of an upcoming event later this year. We finally spilled the beans about our live event, UNLOCKED at the Four Seasons in Denver, Colorado. The event will encompass a mix of teaching and intensive coaching- an opportunity not only to spend time with us, but plant yourself in a room with other people who are doing amazing things. 

Our clients have been hinting and joking about why we need to collaborate.. and although it took us awhile, we’re finally here. We’re doing it, the magic is happening, and my word, it’s amazing.

Kristen and I so badly want to help people, and we 100% plan on spilling all the tea at our event. We’ll speak about identity, how to create an irresistible offer, aligning your audience growth strategy and speak to all of the important questions you must start asking yourself.

It’s happening September 8th-9th! You do not want to miss this!

Click HERE to purchase your tickets to UNLOCKED.

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