Borrowing Belief

Creating a business from the ground up is truly such a crazy thing, isn’t it? But when we’re growing a business, we have to have belief in things before we actually create them. 

There are SO many things that we are already programmed to do, without having to believe we can do them. Taking a shower, getting out of bed, etc. These are all things that we automatically do, almost like it is second nature.

So HOW do we get there in our businesses? How do we make tasks, or things we do/accomplish in our businesses, become second nature?

You need to get clear on what our goals are. You need to see it in your mind first, and then actually execute it in the real world. 

What it really comes down to, is that you need to have enough belief that you can.  If you don’t have any belief at all, then you won’t take action towards it. Belief makes a big impact on if we’re going to  take action, and what the action’s going to look like.

But the actions that we take, matter just as much as putting in that belief that you can accomplish these things. Believe it or not, your brain is trying to push doubt on you, just as badly as you are trying to push belief into you. The more doubtful you are in your business, the less action you’ll take, because your brain will think to itself, “what’s the point?”

This week, we’re going to dive into specifically how your business will benefit from borrowing belief, and how it will lead you on the path to success in your business. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How working with a coach will support the growth of belief in yourself, and your business
  • Why connecting with a community with like-minded business owners will support your need for belief when you need it
  • How utilizing a community will allow you get clarity on your goals in your business, and put you on a path for success

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