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Those who have been following me for a while are probably familiar with the story of how I got my business off the ground, and how my business has changed my life. While I know my experiences have resonated with many of you, I also understand that there are entrepreneurial women out there with circumstances very different from mine. It is crucial that I share these stories with you as well. 
On today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I’m interviewing anti-racism leadership coach Alyssa Hall about her experience building a transformational business as a single mom living in the projects in New York City. 
Alyssa had made a total of $1500 in her coaching business in two years before she started working with me. Now, she’s made $67k (and counting) in the past 6 months. She moved her family to a gorgeous new place. And she’s changing the world with her work. 
Let that sink in… she created all of this momentum at the height of the pandemic, at the epicenter of the pandemic. 
She had every reason to believe that building a profitable online business was not for her, or that it wasn’t a good time to try. But she decided to believe anyway.
This is an incredibly inspiring story that I am so proud to share with all of you. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • The real truth of what it was like when Alyssa was starting her business and the challenges she faced (no sugarcoating)
  • The coaching she got that helped her realize she didn’t have to feel grateful for where she was to attract clients
  • Why she changed her niche (twice!) and what signs to look for when choosing, or changing, your own niche
  • Her best advice for single moms, as well as women who are in situations that suck

Featured on this episode:


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