Business Unfiltered with Laura Amigone

My client Laura started her business coaching college students in 2020 – and we’ve worked together almost the whole time! 

On today’s episode of the Simple Online Business Podcast I have an unfiltered chat with Laura to show you what it’s really like to grow a business. We talk about networking vs social media for marketing, balancing business and being a mom, tailoring your strategy to your business and goals and why having your own business if the best job out there. 

We covered a lot of ground, and I think every single business owner will find something they needed in this conversation. (Once you listen, I’d love to hear what it was for you!)

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How it’s ok and normal (and HELPFUL) to sometimes peek at other jobs out there when business feels hard
  • How aligning personal values and business priorities lead to a more fulfilling and successful career
  • Why your strategy has to be tailored to your business & goals (and what that really looks like)
  • How to balance business growth with family life 

Laura has dedicated the past 20 years to guiding high school and college students towards success. Her journey began as a teacher in the Bronx, sparking her passion for empowering young adults. Transitioning to college admissions counseling, Laura aided students in accessing higher education. After earning a Master’s in Counseling, she spent a decade as a guidance and college counselor, assisting students and families through the complexities of high school and the college application process.

Recognizing the need for ongoing support, Laura shifted focus to college students facing the inevitable challenges that come with college. Through personalized coaching, she addresses academic, professional, and social struggles, teaching and practicing essential time management and career planning skills. As a Certified Sparketype Advisor, Laura brings this simple and effective career tool to her clients to help them design their unique pathway to sparked work. Her clients report improved grades, heightened optimism, increased self-confidence, and reduced stress.

Additionally, Laura extends her expertise to high school audiences, bringing many of the same skills and concepts that she uses with her college clients to help younger students prepare for success in college. Through engaging presentations, she conveys her belief in students’ potential for long term success, long after college admissions. When she is not working with students, she manages the fun of five kids, with love, laughter, lots of driving and dishes, and getting outdoors!

Learn more about Laura HERE

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