Business With Kids

When I first started my business, I searched for women in my position…

People who were teaching how to effectively build a business, while simultaneously raising a young family.

The overwhelming message I received was: to be this successful, you have to act like you don’t have kids.

And that was just not realistic for me then, and it is not realistic for working mothers, now. 

Working mothers have a never-ending cycle of what needs to be accomplished, vs. the amount of time you have to accomplish it. And, as a result, having an endless supply of unnecessary mom guilt because of it.

In this episode, I chat with my client, Shiro Bergbauer, a life and mindset coach for moms, about all of the topics surrounding running a business with kids. We touch base on topics of mom guilt, to setting boundaries, and giving yourself permission to not get it right every single time.

More importantly, you’ll grab a potpourri of useful tips that you can implement into building a business with kids, with seamless ease.

View our discussion below:

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How it is important to understand your boundaries that you want to set for both yourself, and your family
  • Why you need to give yourself permission to not be the mom that “does the most”
  • How our kids don’t need our quantity time, but our quality time
  • Why understanding the difference between guilt vs. shame will help you to have more peace surrounding your business
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