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Last month, I hosted an event specifically for coaches to talk through the challenges and changes in the industry, the outlook for 2024, and how to grow your coaching business in 2024. 

One of the core messages from the event was the undeniable shift towards relational marketing. In the digital age, it’s no longer just about broadcasting your message—it’s about creating meaningful connections. As coaches, we must lean into building authentic relationships with our audience.

The response was incredible. So many people who came live said that it is exactly what they needed, it calmed them down and made them feel positive about being a coach again… and everyone said that they 100% would need to relisten to it when they were feeling down.

Because of this.. I wanted to release it in an easy to consume audio format so you can return to it anytime you need a loving coach slap to help you get inspired about your work.

The coaching landscape is changing, but with change comes opportunity.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why believing in what you’re doing, and then showing up into the world with that belief is considered to be compelling marketing
  • Industry trends and marketing strategies for 2024
  • The importance of relational marketing and building genuine relationships with clients
  • How coaches can adapt to the evolving landscape of the coaching industry to stay relevant and provide optimal support for their clients
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