Have you ever scrolled social media, seen someone else succeeding, and felt worse about yourself? 
The answer is yes.
Comparison is something that we all fall into – and unfortunately, it stops many people from showing up and hitting their own goals.
On today’s podcast episode, I’m revealing all the hidden truths about comparison: why we do it, how it hurts us, and how to stop doing it so you can focus on your own business and goals. If “compare and despair” is a cycle you’ve been stuck in before and you’re ready to make your escape permanently – listen now.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the compare and despair cycle happens
  • The limiting worldview most people have that stops you from success
  • The truth about competition in business
  • And how to stop letting comparing yourself to others stop you from showing up and hitting the goals you set

Featured on this episode:

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