Copywriting Mini Workshop & Chatting About Chatgpt

You are getting a solo, BONUS episode from me this week.

 I was over here doing some work around copywriting and just had some thoughts…

So if you haven’t worked with me, if you are not super familiar with my work, copywriting is a major focus for me. It is probably one of the things that I’m best at when it comes to business.

Copywriting is really just a cornerstone of my work because when we are looking at building a business market,  we have to ask, “How do we sustain the business?”

 Like businesses exist to make money. It is all of our jobs as a business owner to get clients and make money. 

And marketing is how we do that. Marketing is how we connect with other people ,and how we bring them into our world. Essentially, copywriting is how you’re building a relationship with, and communicating with your potential future clients.

Today, I will guide you through a solo podcast episode, as a little bonus for you!

I had some copy thoughts I wanted to share with you to help writing and creating in your business be EASIER. And then I also went rogue and shared some thoughts on AI, specifically chatgpt – and I even reveal the way I’ve used it in my business (that I think you should try too!).

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why I believe that bad copy is better than no copy at all
  • How marketing just doesn’t work they way it used to
  • Why your business will thrive the most when you are “human” and “imperfect”
  • How you can use the robots to fill in the gaps, but not for the entire project
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