Creating Success From Your Struggles

Many of us have created our businesses from the hardships we’ve personally overcome. We are called to use the lessons we’ve learned and skills we’ve developed in this process to help others improve their relationships, businesses, and overall lives. 
But life is full of ups and downs. We will inevitably struggle again, even within our own specialization. Does this make us an imposter in our business? Can we even help people when we are personally struggling? 
On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m chatting with my tenacious mastermind client and parent coach, Ann Kaplan, about why perfection, even in your area of expertise, is NOT a qualification for helping others. She shares how she used the parenting challenges she faced last year to make her a better coach to her clients – and ultimately propel her business into its biggest year yet. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How your thoughts about your personal struggles impact your business
  • Why your hardships can actually be the biggest qualifications in your work
  • How to share your struggle stories with your audience – without turning them off
  • Why accepting your imperfections can benefit your clients AND your kids

Learn More About Ann Kaplan:

Ann is a mom of 4 and parenting coach who uses a uniquely holistic approach to parent work that includes emotional support, home management skills, and effective discipline that empowers children while improving behavior. 

Featured on this episode:

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