Deinfluencing is my new personal guilty pleasure when I am scrolling Tiktok. 

For those of you who do not know what deinfluencing is, it’s people sharing their opinions on products, services, etc. that they believe to NOT work. So, for example, someone sharing about how a mascara might not be as “fantastic” as influencers are claiming it to be.

Which made me think, “hmm…wouldn’t it be so FUN to do a whole podcast episode deinfluencing some MAJOR key things in the online business world…

Fun, right?! There are so many “must haves” and “must dos” out there in business, if you tried to do them all, you would never sleep and your business would never get off the ground. 

You know how I love a good controversy, and love getting juicy and ranty with things like this. And who better than my sister, Brenna, to do this kind of episode with?!

In this episode, we’re breaking down some common strategies, concepts, and tools associated with online businesses. We will be “deinfluencing” some juicy topics, and ideas, so you will want to tune in!

View our discussion below:

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How many of the common beliefs in the online business space are not all necessarily true
  • Why there really shouldn’t be a set blueprint when it comes to admin tech beliefs in online businesses
  • How common beliefs in the personal development world should not be the only thing you base your online businesses’ mindset growth on
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