Does Your Audience Size Matter?

Is your audience small?

In the world of million+ a year revenue businesses, I have an extremely small audience, currently around 5000 people. 

I want you to know this:  The size of your audience   does not determine how much money you make. 

Obviously as your audience grows, you’ll make more money. However, if you convert your audience that you already have, you’ll move mountains. 

Focus on nurturing your current audience and get better at selling to them. Believe that your current audience wants to buy from YOU.

Start giving your audience undeniable value and highly quality results. Those are the ingredients to get more clients from the audience size you have – no matter how little it is. 

It’s not the audience size that matters, it’s what you DO with it. 

On today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I encourage you to think about your predominant thoughts in showing up. I talk about breaking your brain a bit about the audience you think you need, why you probably don’t need to be focused on audience growth right now, and what needs to shift for you to get more clients from the audience you already have. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the organic things you’re doing with your current audience, regardless of size, is attracting new people. 
  • Why if you encompass the mentality that every person in your audience wants to buy from you will force you to show up in a different (and more impressive) way. 
  • How manifesting growth and abundance is key to success in your business.
  • Why showing up in your business for 40 people with the mentality you’re showing up for 100,000 people will ensure success.
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