Don’t Set SMART Goals

Your goals are the reason you aren’t making more money. We’ve been told to set realistic and attainable goals, goals where we can see the clear path to HOW we will achieve them… and this – keeps us producing MORE of the same and stifles our creativity as entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurs need to be constantly thinking outside the box, and I’ve found that setting goals that seem impossible is a GREAT way to find the limits you’ve put on yourself that aren’t real  -and move beyond them. Impossible goals are the complete OPPOSITE of what we’ve been told is right.  

A very popular tool for goal setting is SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. My take? It’s not a way for entrepreneurs to set goals. 

Today I’ll be breaking down why SMART goals aren’t a smart way for you to set your goals if you’re an entrepreneur, and giving you tips & tricks to nail the goal setting game going forward.

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