Fear vs Intuition

Have you ever thought about gauging fear vs. intuition? The two can most certainly get convoluted. How do you know if the “fearful” feeling you get is an intuitive sign that you might not want to do something or if it’s simply the discomfort of the unknown?

Sometimes business can be scary, or hard. But when we preach the narrative that it has to be, I think it sets a lot of us up for more failure than necessary. 

Things that are worth doing in your business don’t need to be as hard as you make them out to be. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable or jump through hoops in order to feel like you’re on the right track. 

I encourage you to take on a different perspective when approaching your business. Embrace curiosity and start asking yourself the right questions. Why do you feel a certain way in your business or why does something feel “heavy”?

On today’s episode of Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I’m talking about how to tap into YOUR intuition to know… is this some fear of the unknown where I just need to find some courage? Or… is this my intuition telling me no?

Your business journey can be easy and enjoyable, trust me! 

If it feels heavy or treacherous for you, let’s talk, because I want to help you find the light and ease in business that is 100% achievable. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the best coaching is the coaching that isn’t opinionated, but it’s the coaching that puts you more in tune with who you are as a person. 
  • That when your business feels “too easy”, this isn’t a bad thing, and this could very well be a sign that your business is on the right track. 
  • Why focusing on what is working in your business will ultimately drive you to success.

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