Feminine Conditioning

This week on the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I chat with Kristin LaFontaine, one of the program coaches in Mama to CEO and Simple Scaling Mastermind. 

Recently we have both noticed a theme come up in our work with clients: feminine conditioning. 

Essentially… as women, we’ve received strong messages about how we are supposed to be in the world, and all of that can interfere with what we want and need to do to grow our businesses. 

We are evolving as women, yet it’s so easy to fall back into the perfectionist trap, and we desperately need to get away from this- for the sake of our future. 

It’s okay to be messy, and it’s okay if you don’t have it all together.

YOU are in control of your messy life. 

YOU get to choose whether you’ve made it. 

YOU get to drop the definition of what “perfection” means to you. 

On today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mama’s podcast, we dig into what feminine conditioning looks like, how it shows up, how we have both worked through it… and so much more.

Watch our discussion below!

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why lowering your standards and keeping it simple are both secrets to success. 
  • How the message of being a good woman or mom is actually putting yourself last… and why it’s detrimental.
  • How the idea of being broken is trash and why we need to get rid of this mentality. 
  • Why the more we are okay with showing up differently gives way to how we change our journey and path for the future, ultimately shifting culture and society for not only ourselves but for the generations to come.
  • How those that are the most successful take pride in at least one thing they do every day. 
  • Why focusing on what is working and the things that are worth celebrating is so important. 

Learn more about Kristin:

Kristin LaFontaine is a Life Coach School certified life and business coach. Ten years ago she co-founded a private school with her husband. That local small business has grown into three separate businesses with multiple locations. The businesses now serve over 350 local families and employ over 100 staff. Kristin has worn many hats including website designer, bookkeeper, customer service, teacher, marketing, administrator and program director, leadership coach and more. 

During that span, Kristin had five children, including twins, in five years. At one point there were four in diapers at once. Initially therapy, and then coaching was what helped her when she was completely overwhelmed and living in scarcity. Kristin credits coaching as the precursor to the mindset shift that facilitated her businesses success and expansion. She loves helping other business owners see how simple changes in mindset or strategy can make all the difference in the success of their business. 

Kristin doesn’t maintain an active social media presence but she can be reached HERE.

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