Gigs And Side Businesses For Moms

I am going to share something that might be an unpopular opinion to some.

I know there are so many moms that feel so fulfilled at home. That being with their children full-time, and immersing themselves in motherhood, brings them pure joy. And while that is so great for those moms, that just wasn’t my story. 

Staying at home, and pouring myself solely into motherhood just didn’t fulfill me. It made me a little (ok, alot). stir-crazy. I wanted to put my brain and energy into something that would bring career fulfillment, and financial support for my family. 

We  needed to make money, so I tried to figure out how to make money online. Our financial situation wasn’t the greatest. Even with all of my degrees and experience, I still couldn’t find a position that would cover the cost of daycare, let alone bring in an extra income.I needed an answer to how I could take all of these pieces of experience, training, and education, and mold it into something great that would fit me and my vision.

I had seen many life and business coaches on social media before. Honestly, I had only viewed these people as public figures. I never imagined that I could compare myself to someone like Marie Forleo, why? Because I had no idea HOW she got to where she was, and where to even begin something like that.

I knew I wanted to help other mothers to do the same thing.It came from that feeling that I had of, “what is the through line” for me? How can I help other moms to see their own. So many mothers are thinking, “I have all of these experiences, all of these skills, all of this knowledge. Now I am sitting here at home, and I have no idea where to go career wise, and I need to figure it out.” I have created this whole movement out of these moments of pain of like, “how do I do this?”

This week, I walk you through some options when it comes to starting, or restarting a business. I know some of you are still in that place of not really feeling satisfied with your choice in business, or more importantly, haven’t taken those necessary steps to move your business forward. I want to also remind you that you should not diminish your experiences, but rather think about all of your experiences that you can bring to the table that you can transfer to an online business.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How an online service business and product-based business differ, and the pros and cons that come with both.
  • Why you might be selling yourself short in your options of online business opportunities  because of how you diminish your experiences.
  • How you can categorize your options for starting a business into different pockets of niched-down services. 

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