Goal Commitment

The beginning of a new year typically inspires a lot of excitement and hope for the future. It’s known as a time for resolutions, vision boards, business planning, and fresh starts. 
But if you didn’t hit your goals for 2020, it can also be a time of disappointment. You might be feeling so discouraged, you’re hesitant to set any goals for 2021. 
You may even be making past failed attempts at hitting your goal mean that reaching a certain milestone just isn’t possible for you. Ever. 
Maybe you think you’re ‘not that kind of person’. Or that it’s just not ‘in the cards’ for you. 
So, on today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I’ll share with you the most common goal-setting mistakes, and how to overcome them to ensure you create the results you’ve always wanted in your business. 
If you’re ready to make 2021 the year you FINALLY hit that goal you’ve been dreaming about, today’s episode is for you. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • The two commitments most people make when committing to a goal,
  • Why both of those commitments can actually set you up for failure,
  • And the best commitment you can make to yourself for goal success.

Featured on this episode:

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