Healthy Ceilings For A Sustainable Business

Is it possible?

The three word phrase that more than likely has crossed your thoughts, and every business owner, at least a handful of times before.

Is it possible to still have all of that are important to you, while not compromising elsewhere? 

More specifically…

Is it possible to fulfill every single aspect of your business that you want to do…

While not compromising the integrity of your work, your time, and your worth?

The answer is yes, my friends.

And the solution?

Well, we are calling it healthy ceilings.

On this week’s episode of the podcast, my client Andrea and I dig into this topic more, and I get pretty transparent about my business building journey, and what it’s really like scaling and running a million dollar company.

View our discussion below:

Learn More About Andrea Scalici:

Andrea is a Certified Life Coach, a work-life balance expert, a woman with an MBA, and business owner. Andrea helps her clients stop overworking and start enjoying their lives again. 

More information about Andrea available HERE
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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How you should be defining a healthy ceiling in your business, and how that might look different for each individual
  • Why meeting a healthy ceiling in one avenue of your business can help reach the healthy ceiling of another avenue 
  • How you as a business owner should not only define financial healthy ceilings, but incorporate this idea into other aspects of your personal and business goals
  • Why truly listening to what your clients want, and not what you think they need, can help you to reach healthy ceilings in your business
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