How the F*&@ to Be Yourself

Ohhhh girlfriend. You know what used to drive me nutty? The phrase “be yourself.”

I used to a) not even know who tf that was, and b) hate the little bit I knew. Maybe you can relate?

Now authenticity and being yourself is all the rave online and in the business world. I think it’s fantastic. It’s how I’ve built my business, it’s why my audience grows every day, it’s why clients are magnetized to me and say things like “can you just take my credit card number now?!” on the phone during a consult.

As I work with my clients, something I see is that they really struggle to be themselves. They are really out of touch with who that is, and secretly think that they are not good enough, deeply unlovable, and flawed in a way that everyone else sees but they don’t.

These are LIES, sister.

I literally don’t even have to know you to know you are enough AND lovable. Because at this point, I’ve worked with over 300 women – and I haven’t found a single one that wasn’t lovable and enough. You really want to challenge me on being the exception?

But assuming you are going to try to believe you’re lovable and enough — how in the world do you tap into who you are to be yourself?

I’m dropping you some secret stuff that I typically only share with clients because this is my blog & I can do whatever I want here. #freedom

You’re going to want to whip out a journal or notebook right about now.

  • Write a list of 100 things you like about yourself. UGH I KNOW RIGHT? But persist. You can do this. There are 100 things. They can be that you make the best scrambled eggs in the family, parallel park like a champ, have sexy legs, have thick hair, are an amazing friend, have a huge heart for animals…anything from the most shallow to the deepest depths is allowed here.
  • Write a list of things that you are afraid people would NOT like about you. Your quirks, your weird habits. Range from the easiest to share, to the hardest to share. The first time I did this, the first one I wrote down is that when I really like I song, I listen to it over-and over-and over-no joke like 20+ times or more. On repeat. And hide it on Spotify so you can’t see.
  • Sit down and envision your most perfect and ideal day, 10 years in the future. What time do you get up, what wakes you up? What do you eat for breakfast? What do you see outside the window? Etc. Visualize in detail, then make notes on what you discovered.
  • Look at pictures of you from when you were younger. Instead of judging and cringing, open your heart and give love and compassion to that sweet, crazy girl. She deserves so much love! And damn, she’s cute! If you find a favorite one that really captures your uniqueness, quirks, or spirit, keep it out where you can see it daily. Mine is a picture of me when I was 19 and a camp counselor. I’m wearing a black bathing suit, bright green aviators, and a Big Bird pool floaty – and smiling my happy little face off. I found this picture at a time I was feeling low and uninspired. It helped me remember what a fun and goofy little creature I can be. I look at it every day (it’s on my desk) and it reminds me that the goof still lives inside.

Ok mama. I am sending you LOVE right now. You deserve it. Simply for being you. If you do these exercises, I expect a full report on the results. xo.

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