Jen Shah, Real Housewives, and How to Avoid Online Business Scams and Crimes

Scams and scam artists. The topic that no one really wants to talk about, but everyone should watch out for when starting a business.

For this episode of the podcast, I am bringing back my sister, and COO, Brenna. 

It was so important to us to talk about scams.

More importantly, what to look out for when it comes to online business and scams. Because honestly, we feel like with the internet it’s sometimes harder to tell. 

Not every scam out there is a misspelled mumbo, jumbo phishing email, you know?

It’s easier to be confused by a scam because they’re so popular, and widespread on the Internet. Along with this, anyone who has or wants to have an online business, wants to make sure they’re not unintentionally being a scam artist or coming across like a scam artist online.

On this week’s episode, we will chat about the Real Housewives scam, what lessons you should take away from it, and more importantly, any red flags you should be aware of when starting to build your online business.

View our discussion below:

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How sometimes good people with good intentions get in over their head and end up sabotaging their business
  • Why learning how to ask, and also answer the right kinds of questions can keep you out of a scam pitfall
  • How being honest with your ROI helps to show an authentic business to prospective clients and customers 
  • Why paying attention to negative reviews can actually help you to find realistic and honest businesses to work with
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