How To Be An Ally

I am hearing from many of you this week: How do we move forward now, with our businesses, while also wanting to be socially responsible, anti-racist, and a force for positive change? How do we build our businesses while being an ally?

In this week’s episode, I interviewed my client Alyssa Hall, a coach who specializes in helping people do this internal work AND take action on it. Alyssa gives incredible insights into what it is like to live and business build as a woman of color, shares what she wishes white women knew (it gave me chills), asks three questions that will help you know how to re-engage with your business even if it is the last thing you feel like doing now, and gives you a clear test to know if you are doing it right – or doing it wrong – in your response to racism.

Ready to create your simple, doable marketing plan?

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