How to Become Magnetic – to Make Friends, Get Clients

When I started building my old network marketing business, I had a friend who was doing it SO much better than I was. She had a magnetic appeal to others.  They wanted to be around her all the time and do whatever she was doing.

I thought she had some kind of unique trait that I didn’t have. Was her magnetic personality because of some innate personality trait? Did that mean I couldn’t be that successful as well?

If this resonates with you, you might also be comparing yourself to someone else and attributing their success to a trait you don’t (and never will) have.

This is a lie your brain is telling you! Being magnetic to others is not an innate trait you either have or don’t. Let me tell you, I definitely did NOT have it when I started out in business.

On this episode, I’ll be sharing the three ingredients you need to create the IT factor in yourself and your business, and become magnetic to other people!


  • Loving yourself
  • No cringe-y moments
  • Attention as currency

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Start making these shifts!

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