How To Go Viral On Social Media with Beth Smeeton

On today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I’m speaking with my client and Intuitive Eating Life Coach, Beth Smeeton.

Join us as we talk about how she went viral on social media, what important steps she used, and what they had in common.   If you’re feeling stuck or unsure about your marketing and want to connect with more people, this episode is for you.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why emotionally shifting to a place of service is so important
  • How to translate views into paying clients
  • What intuitive eating is and who it’s for
  • How relating to your client’s biggest pain point fosters connection

Learn More About Beth Smeeton:

Beth is the founder of Powered by Beets! Her mission as a master certified Health & Life Coach is to empower her clients to lead the balanced lives they deserve. She teaches her clients how to feel in control around food and enjoy their lives. 

Featured on this episode:

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