How to Invest In Your Business

When I first started my business, I prided myself on starting lean: spending the bare minimum, going with options that worked for now but I’d need to upgrade long term.


Because that was the amount of money I’d be willing to lose if this whole crazy idea didn’t work out.

Seems sensible, right?

It is – if your business is going to fail. Minimize the risk and loss. But here’s the thing – this mindset leads you to start out your business already expecting and planning to fail. Already making decisions from the future place of failure.

Creating success on a scale you never have before requires thinking in a way you never have before, making decisions you have never made before, and yes, investing in a way you never have before.

You have to channel the woman you will be when you’ve reached all your goals – and make your decisions from her frame of reference. What would her decision be?

One of my favorite coaching exercises to give to clients is to have them journal as their future, wiser, and more successful self. Ok, I know this sounds weird – but trust me. Give it a try!

I have a feeling what you’ll hear from your future successful self is:

  • You can do this!
  • Keep going!
  • Take the scary leap!
  • It’s all worth it.

(I know because that’s what mine says!)

So when it comes to investing in your business, it takes making the decision from a future and goal focused mindset instead of the reality of here and now. Taking leaps before you feel ready is actually a form of stepping into your future self, which is necessary to do *before* you hit the goal. Counterintuitive, but true.

So next time you are considering making an investment in your business, remember that doing so from the mentality of your future self (who has already achieved the goal) is the fastest way to make massive leaps in your business and bring about those goals you dream about.

Now go chase that dream, sister!

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