How to Make Good Decisions

As business owners, we have to make decisions daily. And our decisions are extremely important – everything we create in our business is determined by the choices we make. 
It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that we have to make logical, safe choices, even when the alternative lights us up. After all, we do have businesses to run AND households to support. 
It’s a lot of pressure, and we don’t have a magic crystal ball to give us the 100% certainty we desperately seek when making these choices. 
So, how do we make good decisions? 
On today’s episode of the podcast, I’ll teach you how to start making decisions right now that will create the life and business you truly want. I’ll share the decision-making strategies I use to make calls in my business, and why your emotions are actually the perfect guide. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • My top tips for effective emotional decision making
  • Why the “logical” choice isn’t always the right choice for our business
  • How to handle fear when evaluating your options
  • Why getting clear on your long term vision is the first step in the decision-making process

Featured on this episode:

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