How to Plan a Successful Month in Your Business

It’s officially September and I am trying to relax about the fact that means fall is coming (this girl LOVES summer). What this also means is that business is about to ramp up in a lot of our industries – but only if you do the work.

I spent a couple hours at the beginning of the month getting my head in the game for September and scheduling out my month according to my goals. My coach taught me this process and it has been a total game changer for me. I wanted to share the process with you so you can do the same:

1) Pick ONE major goal (if you do more than one, your attention is going to be divided – and so will your results), identify your deadline (Sept 30?), and how you’ll know you’ve reached the goal (something measurable). My goal is 3 new 1:1 clients – I’m going all in on it this month, no other promos. This is going to be really hard for me so if I’m doing it, know you can too!

2) Write down ALL the steps it will take to hit that goal. In my case, I’ve got steps around sending emails (hello!), scheduling my social media, creating content, getting 120 new email subscribers this month, and 12 ladies on consult calls. When I first wrote this out, it was a messy jumble – that’s ok.

3) Identify all the obstacles that are going to come up for you as you move forward. For me, I had self doubt, discouragement, people saying no, etc. along with things like having a busy schedule for the month in other areas of life. Draw out ALL your obstacles, don’t hold anything back.

4) Solve each obstacle. What will you do if that happens? How are you going to handle that thing? I came up with an easy solution for handling a client problem (that would actually surprise and delight her), planned my son’s birthday party, and came up with a few affirmations for myself during this process. We can be solution finding machines if we focus on it!

5) Put the steps in order, then give yourself a time limit on each, then *eep* put it into your calendar. I live and breathe through iCal, so I actually printed off my iCal weeks (yes, you can do this!) and penciled in my tasks. Do this with respect and kindness for your future self. Do NOT make Thursday you work 7 hours straight without a lunch or bathroom break. Plan in down time, family time, NOTHING time, me time. I planned in walks with the dog and showers for myself (the struggle to find time to shower is real some days!)

6) Show UP when you say you will. You need to have our own back. You know what it’s like having a friend who flakes on all of your plans at the last minute – shitty. You lose confidence in her and value the relationship less. This happens with yourself. You lose confidence in *yourself* and value the relationship with yourself less, and things go south fast. Be a good friend to yourself, show up, and let your confidence be boosted by this.

Ok mamas…… I DARE YOU to do this at the beginning of each month. Most people will not want to do this work. We always want the answer of how to reach our goals and then don’t like what we get. This IS the answer to get your goals this month. Will you reach out and grab them?

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