Imposter Syndrome & Your Qualifications

Today I have a very fun guest on the show with me.  A guest that didn’t probably think that they would ever become a guest.  Latoya is the program manager on my team, and helps with the onboarding process as well as everything with regards to both programs, Mama to CEO and The Mentorship. 

So, I had like two trains of thought that come together for this episode. The first one is this idea of imposter syndrome, because this is something that a lot of our clients struggle with. Secondly, I also wanted to talk about the fact that sometimes people genuinely don’t have qualifications.

I know it’s not just the Internet… people lie on resumes in the corporate world and stuff, too. But you can really make any kind of claim about yourself. I think typically the people that I work with that have imposter syndrome, this is not the case with them. 

The people who should have imposter syndrome, don’t…isn’t that funny how they do have it?

All of  the women that we work with are amazing, and they have these amazing results. However, they question it because they may have seen something from somebody else that makes them feel like,” oh, that’s not me. I don’t have that qualification.”

On today’s podcast episode, LaToya and I talk more about these two topics. We talk about how to combat imposter syndrome, and why you probably shouldn’t sign up for that additional certification, (you know who you are). We will also talk about how to know if you actually DO need additional skills, because being qualified for something isn’t only a mindset issue.

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Learn More About LaToya:

LaToya is the owner of Alignment Business Solutions, LLC and the Program Manager for Samantha Siffring Coaching. As a certified DOO and OBM she understands the importance of operations and supporting the memberships and masterminds of her clients. As a wife, mother and business owner, LaToya knows that the connections we make and the impact we have on others are powerful and we need to make sure that we are standing positively in those powers. LaToya lives in Kansas City, MO with her husband and 3 children ( 16, 10 and 6). When she is not working, you can find her binging a show on Netflix, hosting movie nights or traveling with family and friends.

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How we have to change our mindset about how more followers makes someone more qualified than you
  • Why relationships and comfortability truly help to make individuals more qualified than just another certification
  • How just because someone has multiple qualifications doesn’t necessarily make them qualified to support you in your business
  • Why you don’t need to change things in your business, but instead, focus on the things that you are really good at
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