Is The Coaching Industry Becoming One Big MLM?

Is coaching a pyramid scheme?

I see all kinds of things on the internet with people talking about this idea:

”is coaching a pyramid scheme?”

This episode is such a juicy, juicy topic. So, I invited one of my clients, Erica, with me to do this podcast, and we had such a blast talking about this hot button issue together. 

I do think that for coaches there is almost this secret shame they feel, or tension internally around this issue.The way I see it, showing up as a coach on social media can be a hard time. 

The integrity around selling a product can be tied to different levels of drama. Unfortunately, it becomes challenging to sell their service, and to sell coaching. Mainly because, in the back of their head, the coach is thinking, “am I part of that pyramid scheme?”

In this episode, Erica and I will share our non-defensive insights on this topic. We will share the emotions that most coaches tie to this idea, why they feel this way, and how to form your own idea about the coaching industry.

View our discussion below:

Learn More About Erica:

Erica is a licensed therapist and certified coach who helps high-achievers hit their big goals without stress and overwhelm. Her clients have created 6-figure businesses, hit $20k months, changed careers, and made more money – all while enjoying their personal lives more. Part therapist, part best-friend-Erica’s coaching style goes deep so her clients can go big.

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How just because a person made money doesn’t mean that they are good at helping other people make money
  • Why if you are a coach, it is important to put intention into the words that you are putting out into the Internet
  • How realizing that coaching is for certain kinds of people, and it is ok if you identify if it isn’t in the cards for you anymore
  • Why you need to take the emotions out of hiring a coach, and look at the person in an objective way
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