Jacksonville Jags Comeback, Performative Ethics, And Hot Mess Businesses

Oh, we have a fun topic to share with you today. 

I am back with my sister, and COO, Brenna.

Whom I know you all love hearing me banter with on the show. 

Shockingly, (but also not surprisingly), the outpour of stories that I have been receiving about unethical business practices is indescribable. To be honest, I cannot believe that I have to even go into more detail about this. What it truly means to have an ethical business. 

However, I do think, (and hope!), that almost everyone that listens to this podcast is a business owner that WANTS to do business the RIGHT way. 

They are a business owner that wants to follow best practices, and ensure that their success is measurable. More importantly, that they aren’t leading any “false hope” to unsuspecting individuals, that truly just want to build a successful business themselves. 

A successful business owner is so much more than a dollar sign, it is the integrity and the value that they put out into the world. Even better, it is the reputation that they build for themselves. 

At the end of the day, if you’re a rich business owner, with no one that believes in you because you’re sketchy in your practices, what do you really have?

 In this episode, we are going to shine a light on what truly matters most when it comes to having your life together, business wise.

View our discussion below:

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How you don’t have to be perfect to have a successful and ethical business
  • Why you should focus on the things that will make your business both stable, and reliable
  • How success isn’t just measurable by the value of your business, but by the reputation that you build
  • Why misspeaking or making a wrong decision doesn’t make you a bad business owner, it’s the actions you take after that determines your worth
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