Learning How To Take Time Away From Your Business

The sweet scent of summer is slowly approaching. While I am SO ready for the shift in seasons, I know many business owners do NOT reflect my same emotions.

If you’re a business owner, chances are you hate the upcoming season. And honestly, it probably has nothing to do with the influx of insects, the unbearable scorching heat in certain regions, and the constant desire to sit out by a body of water. 

This dread stems from your inability to take the time off that you both deserve, and need, as a business owner. 

I will give you a second to go back, read that again, and come to terms with what I just said.

Because let’s be HONEST with ourselves, there is SOME part of you…

(even if it is a tiny, microscopic part)…

That TRULY believes, that if you take time away from your business, it will all fall apart. 

This week, I invited my bestie, Kristen, onto the show. We are chatting about all things summer break, vacation, and rest as it relates to running a business.

 My favorite business related podcast episodes are ones where you hear successful business owners candidly talking about the realities of business ownership, not just the highlight reel – and if you appreciate that too – you are going to love this episode.

View our discussion below:

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How acknowledging your worth will not only make you a more successful business owner, but less insecure about taking time off
  • Why time management is imperative to setting yourself, and/or your team up for success in the summertime
  • How to maximize different seasons of the year, and allocate seasonal hour to your business in an effective way 
  • Why it’s necessary for your team to take time off as well, and how to prepare for when they do
  • How to handle the “post vacation doomies” as a small business owner
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