Make $100K With This One Question

I see three trends among entrepreneurs when it comes to goal setting. First, there are those who don’t set goals at all. There are those who set small goals based on the past. And there are those who set a big goal and promptly forget it.

The problem in each of these scenarios is how much power is being given to the goal itself, and not to the goal setter. When we have a weird relationship with goals, it’s because we don’t feel powerful enough to reach them. We either think setting the goal is the only thing we have control over, or that the magic is in setting the goal.

The purpose of your goal is to get you to think, feel, and act DIFFERENTLY. It brings awareness to your default thought patterns. It brings awareness to what you are not yet doing that you need to do to reach your goal.
This week I’m going to introduce you to a concept that I use to help myself and my clients. Answering this one question will help propel you to a six-figure business by allowing you to experience what it looks like and feels like to be ALL IN on belief in achieving your goal.

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